Zoho Books – The online Accounting and Bookkeeping software

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Simple Online accounting and bookkeeping software


startupbuildervideos says:

Hello, this is Mark from Startup-Builder… Good content, but I found this rather dry… That being said… my videos are sometimes dry as well! It is hard to engage your audience and present your content in an exciting manner. Keep it up… you inspired me to improve. Thanks,

adelle0001 says:

thanks! nice video

intjocrm says:

Intjo CRM
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Klubalex says:

Hello team Zoho!
When the French version will be ready?
thank you!

Calif101 says:

Just like mint.com only that Mint it’s FREE!

reginovigo says:

It is too expensive. The same as old MSMoney or Quicken, but at so high cost, better to get a full live copy of one of those and forget the 25$ monthly…!!! wake up Zoho!!!

xidiful says:


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