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I have signed up with TEXT LINK ADS … and am now offering space for up to 8 text link ads.

Ad space is being offered on both this blog and the PetLvr blog. Ads will show up in the sidebar, under the SPONSORS heading, and will appear on every page in this blog – because the current template displays the sidebar on every page viewed.

I would like to personally give thanks to all those sponsoring my sites, and purchasing ads on either 1-8-0-0-H-A-R-T or – [The Blog]!

I would also like to personally invite readers to check out the text links of our sponsors .. PLEASE SUPPORT THEM .. as they are supporting me .. by visiting some of the finest sites on the internet! 😀

How to purchase Text Link Ads

1) Go to the site managing the ads .. … and if you haven’t sign up for a free account yet .. please do.

2) You can browse ads by category in the left column .. or try to find my the ads directly .. This is what they would look like:

Expand: Business / Accounting .. we’re in here!

Click on: Pets (Don’t bother to expand) .. we’re in here!

3) Please note that I have no control over the pricing and market value of your text link ad, but I do receive … “a piece of the action” (to quote one of my favorite Original Star Trek episode comments) .

Take care.
HART (1-800-HART)


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