You Know Your Blog Sucks When …

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You Know Your Blog Sucks When …

You put up a Poll on Friday afternoon and when you look again Monday Morning – there is only 1 vote entered – your own


So .. it’s not looking too good for weekly or monthly polls on this site .. Oh Well … Maybe I should do a less complicated POLL in this entry … you can just reply in the comments to pick the one you choose ..

As Seen on the Comedy T.V. show .. CORNER GAS ….





HART says:

For those of you who don’t get Corner Gas (a show about people in Saskatchewan Canada) .. I was referring to an episode I saw this weekend .. called “Ruby’s Newsday”

Basically, HANK created these two jars to help earn tips .. one had Betty on it and the other had Veronica on it .. It was quite successful Poll .. and a funny episode 🙂

HART says:

PS: … I would have voted for BETTY

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