Write to the Troops, No Packages Please

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Last week (Monday November 26, 2007) .. I sent via our Canada Post (parcel Post) a VHS video to a friend in England. He received it Friday, November 30, 2007 delivered to his door. Isn’t that amazing?

You were probably wondering that you might want to support our troops overseas by wishing them a Merry Christmas or Seasons Greeting message, but it probably wouldn’t be delivered in time. Not so! There is still lots of time! In fact …

….. The following has been posted on the Canada News Website…..

NR–07.103 – December 4, 2007

OTTAWA — Canadians have indicated a desire to do something for Canadian Forces members deployed on missions around the world. This outpouring of support and generosity is very much appreciated. Canadians should take note, however, that the CF re-supply system cannot handle care packages addressed to “Any CF member” for a variety of reasons, including security and volume.

Each mailed item must be addressed to a specific CF member, including rank and mission. Unfortunately, packages, postcards and letters addressed to “Any CF member” cannot be delivered and will be returned to sender. A list of mailing addresses for CF operations is available on the DND/CF website.

Friends and family members of deployed military personnel are invited to explore the Canada Post website to learn about their program of postage-free mailings to deployed military members. This seasonal offer is not available to the general public.

One way in which Canadians can express their support is by e-mail messages on the DND/CF website. The “Write to the troops” message board is one of the preferred methods to show support.

For a variety of other ways to show support to the troops, visit the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency’s website.

SOURCE: Canada Newsroom


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