WLIIA – Greatest Hits (Songs of Accounting)

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Episode 1×01 “Out of great boredom comes great songs.”


Ian Elliott says:

Watched this while studying for an accounting exam. I think I’m ready for
it now.

Robert McDougle says:

Watched this in accounting class. Sure beats the “Debts on the left,
Credits on the right” song that we were subjected to by our instructor. .

Zakiah Fatin says:

I would buy this CD. Wayne is a legend. Amazing in this one!

Paulina Milling says:

watching this before my accounting exam XD

McShine says:

“deduct this” sounded a little like “hound dog”. awesome performance.

Kriste_Elaine says:

maaannnn, wayne is rocking the flares :p

meekyweiss says:

Wayne’s pants are WOAH!!

Brownalicious says:

First WLIIA episode in which Drew hosts it, and in the States. There were a
few seasons before, but that was with Clive as host and had seasons/shows
in the UK and US.

luvweirdos says:

did anyone else notice that all these songs about accounting are about
being screwed over??? hehheh

metalshadowmario4 says:

@Caipiranha89 I think you mean jail house rock but whatever, maybe that’s
just me 😀

kings57 says:

wayne is the greatest improve comedian ive ever heard

carl226226 says:

songs of the teacher

Thomas Flagg says:

laura hall kicks ass on the ivories!

OldBelle96 says:

wait if this is 1×01, is this the first whose line episode? please respond!

kytzy says:

man…… wayne is so good it makes me think that this is not made up on
the spot…. specially the second song, wayne and Laura had a perfect sync

kjw291 says:

@inumaru988 Brad is not in this, I meant Wayne had big pants in this video

Ahmad .Riyal says:

that swing song was awesome.colin and ryan are just wonderful

inumaru988 says:

@kjw291 Brad’s in this? Where?

McShine says:

well, it sounded like Elvis either way, he’s got a lot of slightly similar
songs so it’s hard to pick one for comparison 😉

JesterDala says:

“Every song a hit, every hit a smack.” Love it!

briansbaby345 says:

“every song a hit, every hit a smack” lol i love colin XD

campi108 says:

OMG! Not one of the bests looks for wayne! LOL he got so much better !

f0xcry says:

Wayne.. Welldone!

jago1996 says:

Omg look at the Pianist she loves wayne

Katherine Green says:

omg wayne. musical genius …

elphielover247 says:

@chihuahuagirl12345 He has one lol He has 2 albums out I think.

havaneezer says:

Could Wayne’s pants be any wider?

Caffeinatedaspirin says:

I’d love to Divorce the IRS too

horsieb19 says:

Laura hall has the same smile every time!

redryan20000 says:

girl on the left = hot

chihuahuagirl12345 says:

Wayne needs a record deal. Seriously. XD

missheidiknows says:

Divorce IRS! Lol, I kept replaying to figure out what the hell they were

erienspice says:

…” But enough about yesterday!” Erin

PunkBoiiJovan says:


havaneezer says:

He has Gumby pants

Neojimmy6 says:


geisha62 says:

omg Waynes second song!that was amazing 5stars

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