Winston Shrout – The history of the U.S. and the IRS Part 1

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Very few people in The United States have a clear understanding of what the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) actually is, how it operates, and why it does what…


Outrjs says:

He does not want to trip on his words. He is making sure that every step he takes is not stepping on other peoples feet. I do understand why he talks like this. Its not that he is too slow its that you are too fast.
I believe he is one of them. He has just taken the position to free you instead of keep you trapped. I believe he will be killed if he speaks to fast.
Its hard to understand unless you are “in the mix” so to speak.

surf2liv says:

This guy is so slow in his god..get to the point..
This is the internet age, you need to speak a lot faster with umpf..

telumears says:

News to me, a time traveler popping up all throughout history. I hope he pops back up soon to straighten things out.

viewervideo011242234 says:

Im selling my whole collection of Winston Shrout dvd’s (over 150 discs) – pm me if anyones interested

scabbybuttcrack says:

Read Rulers of Evil by Tupper Saussy.

llcooljoe123 says:


DerKreuzfahrer says:

watched at 6,666 views.

coolguyzanko says:

What do we think is going to happen when the dollar is no longer the world reserve currency and oil is no longer priced in dollars?

giddygiddy85 says:

about 10 times more, because every country needs dollars to buy oil.

28318511 says:

– I’ve read something similar.

BaldassPrairie says:

St Germaine? Really come on Winston, what happenned? Did ‘THEY’ get to you too?

b5kalad says:

I read about 10 years ago that more US dollars were outside of the country than inside.

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