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Well .. the Winnipeg Free Press Strike is over. My wife just told me on IM that it was really nice to be able to read it again … (she takes it to work in the mornings and reads it on her breaks).

Me? I work at home on the computer all the time, usually with the TV on and didn’t really miss anything, as I either don’t care about the news or get it through other means (email, google alerts, CBC & CTV twitter alerts, etc etc etc).

We’re glad to be back

Updated: October 30 at 02:50 AM CDT

Dear Readers:

The port-a-potties are gone, and outside the big metal gates to the Winnipeg Free Press, the grass is gone, too — trampled to mud from 16 days of picketing.

But today, those gates are wide open.

The Free Press went back to the business of putting out a newspaper yesterday, after the longest labour dispute in its 136-year history.

It could have been worse. We have settled, it was a good deal, and people were glad to pick up the pieces and get back to work.

But what do we say to you, our readers, after such a long absence?

We say what we’ve been wanting to say for more than two weeks: We’re sorry it happened, we value your loyalty, and we are determined to do our best to win you back.

This weekend’s papers are already in the works, from Detour to Travel to Homes and Perspective.

Ottawa bureau chief Mia Rabson is working on a human trafficking story for the Saturday Special. Books editor Morley Walker is digging out from under buckets of yellow publishers’ envelopes to put together our Sunday books section. Your letters and op-ed columns are flowing in; the sports guys were cued up to cover the Moose last night; and Melissa Martin saw Lenny Kravitz at the MTS Centre — you can find her review on D3.

But the biggest change you’ll see in the Free Press today is a new and improved business section.

We still have our local business section, the best of its kind in the province. But thanks to a new deal between the Free Press and the National Post, our business section has expanded to include more than two daily pages of smart investment advice and stats from the venerable Financial Post.

You’ll also see more of Financial Post’s Diane Francis, personal finance columnist Jonathan Chevreau, and National Post columnists like Don Martin.

One last strike-related thing. Our daily TV grid is a whole lot bigger today, on page C14.

Due to the strike, the TV Plus could not be printed for distribution this Saturday, so we are going to start running the biggest and most comprehensive TV listings we can each day in the paper.

For all you TV Plus subscribers, we’ll keep this up every day until next Friday’s paper, so hopefully you won’t miss your guide too much.

There’s a huge sense of relief that the strike is over, on both sides — and a hope that we can put a better paper together for you, and a better online product for you, in the weeks to come.

Glad to have you back; glad to be back.

— Margo Goodhand, editor

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