Why Budgets Always Fail – Financial Planning in The CardoneZone

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Why Budgets Fail You in Financial Planning – CardoneZone
Budgets are the reason the middle class is stuck in the middle with nothing but hard work to show and no money put away. For fifty years I have heard budgets and saving talked about as the way to financial prosperity. In this episode I will show you three simple reasons why a budget will never assure you of financial prosperity.

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Tanisha Adjo says:

I learned from you GC symbiotic flows of income

Tanisha Adjo says:

Income income income income

Alberth says:

I was looking about buying the grant cardone playbook, then say to myself that even tho it's 90% off, it's to expensive for my budget… then I just realize…. WTF!!!! I did not understand the whole point of this video! All I need is to make 500$ more so that I could afford it and then be able to make enven more. It's that easy.

Heartless Banker says:

Budgets work to some extent (is it a balanced, surplus, or a deficit?)… but only if you're really disciplined or frugal or have a technical knowledge of risk-return tradeoff models, since most people don't really know what they want in life, they're more likely to fall to the promises of neuromarketing and spend their income on things (which is good for the economy = personal consumption expenditure) that would not add any economic returns to them in the long run, talking about deferred consumption huh… or in other words, be efficient.. minimize your cost and maximize your revenue at an optimum level

kyle watts says:


DawnMarie B'Elukeveches says:

Hit your site for your Hurricane sale this morning. Thought I missed the boat but instead I scored! Brilliant move!

Zion Bar says:

ha! I just started reading the "millionaire next door" yesterday because I was looking for good self-help books. I dropped the book after the first 3 pages, its not for entrepreneurs or for people who want to succeed big. Avoid it.

evo2k9 says:

Where was younggggg hustlers mannnnnnnnnnnn

Hillary Clinton says:

i use a budget to focuss my money in the right direction…if that makes sense lol. but yeah cardone has a great point…dont get to focussed on the budget…income is key,this mostly meant for entrepreneurs.

John Botello says:

Well Mr.Cardone i just bought your playbook, just had too do it for my own investment Remember my Name John Botello hope you read my comment am 18years old.

John Botello says:

Mr.Cardone i told my mom that i was about too buy your book and she was like whyyy you can go on the internet, and people like myself make yall rich and i was like serious mom its a investment for me.

zach mink says:

29:31 Uncle G NAILS it!!!

John Botello says:

Mr.Cardone my name is John Botello, so your book play book online costs 400$ right is that the one you been talking about?

Wolf of Insurance says:

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Art Sales says:

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