Whose Line is it Anyway – Greatest Hit – Songs of Accounting

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Hi..its me again..:) This is another one of the greatest hits from Whose Line that I couldnt find in youtube. so Enjoy! And Do subscribe to me if u wish to s…


OfficeBooks says:

Start your week right with the Greatest Hits about accountants.

#MusicMondays #GreatestHits #WhoseLine

jojo patmon says:

Hee was spelling ot divorce irs on the first one.

MrNesscity says:

creep factor: drew carey xD

jojo patmon says:

i liked the first one!

Gregory W. Beck, CPA, A Professional Corporation says:

A little #accounting humor for your #Friday! Whose Line is it Anyway –
Greatest Hit – Songs of Accounting

Will Crook, CPA PA says:

Whose Line is it Anyway – Greatest Hit – Songs of Accounting

bdcca says:

all of them are so talented I can’t believe it. I miss this show! REUNION

Caitlin Ragsdale says:

Wayne needs his OWN CD.

Vedant Pandey says:

Rule the tube 2010 – CAuse you CA Paste and watch this video, you will want
to become an accountant

Wanghun loe says:

Whats the one were wayne sits on the piano and sings.

rvenom300 says:

On the last song, is Wayne imitating anyone in particular? I’m just curious
because they say “early rock ‘n roll fav”, and it seems like to me he’s
impersonating an individual. Whenever I first saw this, I thought it was
Billy Joel.

Daniel Dugovic says:

1,000 points to Laura Hall and Wayne.

Bunnysitter4 says:

first song. wat did he spell?

Tobias Childs says:

First episode ever, maybe best greatest hits ever. man this show was and
still is the most consistently funny show ever made… sooo much talent!!!!
love these guys if you liked this, watch songs of western, college, norway,
and motorcyles. those are the other best ones ever

tusnalgas says:

@Radeon chapter 11 is when u file for bankruptcy

MrAaronLadner says:

Deduct This! LOL!

thanushanz says:


mamamurray says:

The next part is: Oh, Chapter 11 of the heart is what I’ve got – It’s hot
Chapter 11 of the heart is what I’ve got I want you, I got me, I ain’t got
nobody, see ’cause Chapter 11 is what I am. Because your love has left me
bankrupt. Why don’t you get out of here, oh yeah.

Sen ASMR says:

What episode?

cheeseislikesocool says:

ha i remember that it was funny

0413dec says:

Laura was in sync with Wayne’s imaginary piano playing. That’s teamwork
right there.

Corey G says:

she never gets recognition…and she deserves it! she’s insane! btw, i like
your user name – i’m in the process of getting my teaching credentials =D

jonnyandbarcelona says:

almost sounds like they rehersed this..

TheNufaDude says:

D-I-V-O-R-C-E I-R-S Post a respond if you can spell a sublime message using
only these letters 🙂

Kosťa Kuklin says:

Every song a hit, every hit a smack, every smack homemade 😀

tasshie says:

what is up with wayne’s pants?

COLKYL99 says:

I literally ***just*** watched this!!! It’s “songs of marriage” and they
sing a honky tonk song “drunk on my honeymoon” (or something similar). Ryan
talks about the sound a fish makes when it hits a windshield (???). It was

Alex Tavarez says:

Woah. Wayne’s good with the singing.

kingcat85 says:

wayne’s pants are ridiculous lol

Metaknightmare says:

They need to make an actual album of all of these songs I swear. XD

Sarah Randall says:

Every song a hit, every hit a smack. LOL

mydreamstellme says:

wayne’s pants say it all.

XxPandaiKawaiixX says:

Drew isn’t even funny

chuckzone3000 says:

gotta love the pants

James Mayfield says:

my favourite game lol

SikkLauritos says:

I-R-SSSS *curves body HAHA! LOVE WAYNE!

preciousmoment95 says:

omg!! :D♥ wayne brady is the bestest ! :))

Ahmed Ismail says:

great improvising.

HeavenWrath says:

“Because I would bet seven Hoping that your love would take me all the way
to heaven But I guess when you gamble you’ve got no luck Your love as left
me bank-rupted” Can’t really catch the rest thanks to the public, but
hey… I’m from Quebec, so what can I do? My respect to Colin, Wayne and
Ryan for making my day everytime I watch those videos! ^^

kingbobas says:

16 people who disliked are low life assholes….

westofthegarden says:

Wayne is soooooooooooooo talented

Heather Cline says:

wow loved that swing one that was amazing!

Scarlett s says:

I would’ve said a porn actor but nooooooo accounting

Xxajanae97xX says:

XD “Deduct This”

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