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* I was going around my usual everyday online business today, and decided to purchase something for $100.00 USD

Image source: Wikipedia

* It cost me $97.43 CDN

Image Source: Wikipedia


Haven’t seen that for a while! WooHoo! According to the Bank of Canada Converter site – it now takes 1.0264 USD for every 1.0000 CDN

February 8, 2007 was the high point this year so far .. where $100.00 USD cost us Canadians $118.53 CDN and last week on October 5, 2007 it was the low point this year so far .. where $100.00 USD cost us Canadians $98.12. Yesterday, it dipped to $98.14, but went back up to $98.43 today. Oh well.

Years and years from now .. I’ll be one of those people babbling at dinner parties and claiming .. “I remember when $100 USD cost me $154 CDN!”

It’s the little things that makes you smile every day that makes you happy!


PS: Maybe my fellow Canadian Readers may want to buy some Halloween Supplies from my newly created HART Market Store?

Well .. I figure it never hurts to ask, right? 😀

October 16, 2007 marks the 2nd ‘blogiversary’ of my HART-Empire Network and behind the scenes I have been consolidating and reorganizing my online network of sites (when time permits) Hopefully, I will be getting back to regular postings after the 15th of this month.

There has been some Canada Revenue News in the past month or so coming out of the CRA site, but honestly … B-O-R-I-N-G ~

http://CRA.gc.ca – October 2007 – What’s New?

Economy in Brief 2007 – Quarterly description of Canada’s economic performance.

News release: Canada Revenue Agency launches consultations with small and rural charities

News release: Canada’s New Government Launches Consultations on Improving Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentives (Finance Canada Web site)

News release: October goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) credit payments


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