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I Can Watch TV On My Computer

For the past couple of months, as a beta tester for Joost (Note 1), formerly the Venice Project, I have been tossing my 5 invitations available to me into the pool with Tony Hung of Deep Jive Interests who had been randomly selecting email addresses out of his comments. For May, they practically have given everybody 999 new invites, so it’s pretty much unlimited now. Well, Cody Dean has pretty much taken care of all of Tony’s reader’s request 🙂 so I thought I would just put it out here for anybody that is interested.

Note 1: By “beta tester” .. I mean that I just signed up quite early when it was a closed site and was one of the first people who actually HAD invites available to give away – when it was The Venice Project Beta Test (October 5, 2006). However, I didn’t really test it that much nor provide any meaningful contribution to the development of the software or site or anything – so, if you don’t like it .. don’t blame the messenger!

So .. who Wants a Joost Invite? Leave Your Name and Email in These Comments

I think that heading is pretty obvious. I need your FIRST NAME and LAST NAME and valid Email Address (you can enter it as .. blahblah (at) blahblahblah (dot) com .. if worried about scrapers) and I will automatically invite you, at my own leisure, but I will invite you! I mean .. I’ve got 999 invitations that I can send out .. you should try it! It’s kind of neat. I think it will be like YouTube some day .. so popular that it can ONLY GET BETTER and be the next generation of TV for us people who sit in front of a computer set most of the days. I mean .. why have a 2nd TV monitor in our Home Office? We can have a TV as a Monitor for our computer! Muhahahahah! “evil grin* … First ze TV programming and ze internet .. zen ze vorld!

update: I know your email already when you comment, only if you want a DIFFERENT email associated with Joost you should provide it below!

Um, ya. Well – here’s some background information on Joost!

* What is Joost?

As described by Joost!

What is Joost?

Joost is a new way of watching TV on the internet. With Joost, you get all the things you love about TV, including a high-quality full-screen picture, hundreds of full-length shows and easy channel-flipping.

As described by Tony Hung

Joost, for the uninitiated, is a new application that is from the guys behind Skype, and previously, Kazaa, and it allows anyone to watch TV from the internet in a fairly seemless, easy-to-use fashion. With web2.0 elements incorporated into it, such as sharing, chat and instant messaging within the client, it makes for a very different TV viewing experience indeed!

Current Lineup of Channels

Channel >> Available

88HipHop >> Worldwide
Aardman Animation >> Worldwide
Adult Swim >> United States
Alliance Atlantis Sci-Fi >> Worldwide excluding Canada
Atlantic Street >> United States
AXN >> United States
Bad Boy Records Presents >> United States
Beauty TV >> Worldwide
Best of National Geographic >> United States, Canada
Beyond the Pit >> United States
Bite TV >> Worldwide
BoomChicago >> Worldwide
Braindead >> Worldwide
Brazilian Music Channel >> Worldwide
Bridezillas >> Worldwide excluding United States
Bugeye Music >> Worldwide
Channel Frederator >> Worldwide
Chat the Planet >> Worldwide
Classica Channel >> Worldwide excluding Austria, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland
Comedy Central >> United States
Critical Shorts >> Worldwide
DR >> Worldwide
Explora Channel >> Worldwide
Fabchannel Concerts >> Worldwie
Fifth Gear >> United States
Fifth Gear Shortcuts >> Worldwide
Fight Network >> Worldwide
Floating Worlds >> Worldwide
Fueled by Ramen >> United States
Funny Bone >> United States
G.I. Joe >> United States
GameStar >> Worldwide
Gametrailers >> United States
GONG >> North America, Europe
Guinness World Records TV >> Worldwide
Havoc Action Sports TV >> Worldwide excluing Japan
Havoc Music TV >> Worldwide excluing Japan
HealthiNation >> Worldwide
Heavy Animation >> United States
Hollyoaks >> United States
Hot & Wet >> Worldwide
i-concerts >> United Kingdom
IMF Asia >> Worldwide
IMF Australia >> Worldwide
IMF France >> Worldwide
IMF Germany >> Worldwide
IMF Hip Hop Society >> Worldwide
IMF Italy >> Worldwide
IMF Journey to the Center of the Rock >> Worldwide
IMF Mexico >> Worldwide
IMF One World >> Worldwide
IMF Passage To India >> Worldwide
IMF Puerto Rico >> Worldwide
IMF Scandinavia >> Worldwide
IMF Spain >> Worldwide
IMF The Bridge: Latin America >> Worldwide
IMF The World’s Best Music >> Worldwide
IMF UK >> Worldwide
IndieFlix Premier Hits >> Worldwide
Indy 500 Films >> Worldwide
IndyCar Series >> Worldwide
Intimate & Interactive >> Worldwide
Joost Suggests >> Worldwide
Jump Off TV >> Worldwide
Jump TV Arabia >> Worldwide excluding Middle East
Jump TV Latino >> Worldwide excluding Latin America, Canada
Lassie >> United States
Lazy TV >> United States
Lazy TV UK >> Worldwide
Lime >> Worldwide
Live @ Much >> Worldwide
Logo >> United States
LXTV >> Worldwide
Ministry of Sound TV: Access All Areas >> Worldwide
Ministry of Sound TV: Music Videos >> Worldwide
MTV >> United States
MTV (International) >> Selected countries in Europe, South America, US and Japan
MTV Staying Alive >> Worldwide excluding United Kingdom, Ireland
Much Does Wakestock >> Worldwide
MuchAdrenaline >> Worldwide
MuchMusic Video Awards >> Worldwide
MuchNews Weekly >> Worldwide
MuchOnDemand >> Worldwide
Music Nation >> Worldwide
Nardwuar >> Worldwide
National Geographic History and Exploration >> United States, Canada
National Geographic People and Places >> United States, Canada
National Geographic Wild >> United States, Canada
National Georgraphic Animals and Nature >> United States, Canada
Nettwerk >> Worldwide
New Atlantis >> Worldwide
Off the Fence Docs >> Worldwide
OnSet >> Worldwide
PokerHeaven TV >> Worldwide
Red Bull >> Worldwide
Rehearsals.com >> Worldwide
Ren and Stimpy >> United States
Reuters >> Worldwide
Rhino Records >> United States
Roadrunner Records >> United States
Saavn >> Worldwide
Saturday Morning TV >> Worldwide
SecondsOut.tv >> Worldwide
SHORTSTV >> Worldwide
SHORTSTV Corto >> Worldwide
SHORTSTV France >> Worldwide
Snowvision >> Worldwide
Spike TV >> United States
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit on Demand >> Worldwide
Terra >> Worldwide
The Circus Channel >> Worldwide excluing Italy
The Fit Show >> Worldwide
The Hobby Channel >> Worldwide
The Horror Channel >> Worldwide
The New Music >> Worldwide
The Recipe Channel >> Worldwide excluding Spain, Portugal
The Roger Sisters >> Worldwide
The Silent Movies Channel >> Worldwide
The Soccer Channel >> Europe, United States, Middle East
The Trance Channel >> Worldwide
The Westside Eclectic >> Worldwide
Transformers >> United States
Travelistic >> Worldwide
U.S. Soccer >> Worldwide
VH1 >> United States
Virgin Fest 2006 >> Worldwide
VOY TV >> Worldwide
Wall to Wall Documentary >> Worldwide
Wall to Wall Lifestyle >> Worldwide
Warner Bros. Records >> United States
Watchmojo.com >> Worldwide
Whereitast.tv >> Worldwide
WildLight >> Worldwide
Witness >> Worldwide
World Championship Sports Network >> United States
World Poker Tour >> Worldwide excluding United States
World’s Strongest Man >> Worldwide
XL Recordings Channel >> Worldwide


David Sanders says:

Anyone kind enough to pass on any available invite?

David .. invite sent!

Leroy - GL says:

Wow! Please send me an invite!!

Leroy .. invite sent!

Bob Shoulders says:

Hi, Hart,
It’s very kind of you to give out invites! Could I have one, please? Thanks!

Bob .. invite sent!

And, thanks for kind words 🙂

Jaya Aaron says:

Hi there! I would love an invite, please. Thanks a bunch, Hart.

Rick Thompson says:

Being a beta tester is always an interesting way to get the feel of software. Have to keep current on system restores backups, though, just in case any given program goes awry with the registry.

May I have an invite please? Sounds like it’s worth a look see!

blackened says:

hi there! could i have an invite please? 😀

Jaya and Rick … invites sent!


If I’m online and can multi-task, I will try to get the invite out as quickly as possible. Otherwise, I will AT LEAST make sure I get these invites out by the end of the blogging day. I will post messages like I have been doing, to let you know that the invites were sent.

For those of you receiving the invites: Feel free to leave comments here about your experience .. What do you think? Cool? or Not That Cool?

blackened – you didn’t leave your FIRST NAME and LAST NAME … it’s a small thing to ask, but that’s the deal if you want an invite.

Jaya Aaron says:

Wow, that was fast. Thanks so much, Hart! I like that phrase you used, ‘the end of the blogging day’… has a nice ring to it, as if there is nothing to do in a day other than blog. And indeed, that is how some of my more freedom filled days seem. But alas, I write this from work, boo-hoo. Anyway, I do much appreciate the Joost invite, and look forward to checking it out.

Jaya .. that’s funny .. I remember years and years ago we used to have a saying .. ‘If you can’t sleep at work, you should get another job’ .. I guess to go with the flow of these times, I could say .. “If you can’t blog while you work, you should get another job” 🙂

Of course, I work out of my home, and should be always working .. and as you know .. Blogging is hard work!

matt bosarge says:

Hey Hart,
I would love an invite–I live in Mexico City and trying to avoid paying for satellite. Thanks!

matt bosarge says:

Oops, typo in the email address!

David Simpson says:

Give a brother a chance. Please invite me! 🙂

Meghan Cesario says:

Thanks so much for agreeing to send out invites! I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Matt and David .. invites sent!

Meghan .. invite sent!

Brian Sullivan says:

I’d appreciate an invite, if you still got some to spare…thanks in advance…

Meghan Cesario says:

awesome! thanks again!

ivor goosen says:

Please send me an invite, thanking you in advance, cheers…

Jose Alcorta says:

I am so excited about watching TV on my computer. Could you JOOST send me an invite?

Jose .. invite was JOOST sent 🙂

Reed says:

Can I get a Joost invite?

Reed Sealre says:

Sorry, I forgot to add my last name for the invite

Thanks Reed .. Invite sent!

James Moore says:

Hope I’m not too late for an invite!

James … invite sent!

(PS And, no – you weren’t too late – I’ve got practically unlimited invitations to give out, if people want them)

Arjun Prabhu says:

Hi, I would love to have a joost invite. hope i am not too late.

Thanks in advance!

Stephen Cummings says:

PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! Can I have an invite?

Arjun & Stephen … invites sent!

I would love an invite… thank you in advance!

Neil Ebrey says:

An invite would be much appreciated. Thanks!.

Fernando says:

Hi! I’d love to have a joost invite 😀

Thanks in advance =)

Fernando Ferreyra says:

I forgot my lastname too 🙁

Hi there, I’d appreciate an invitation. Thank’s.

Kris Krustangel says:


I appreciate the words and the invite. thanks a bunch in advance.

Simon Howland says:

An invite to Joost would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks a million.

Richard Priddle says:

I would like an invite if possible please

Richard Priddle says:

I would like an invite if possible?

Barnaby_s says:

Hi, if there any invites left I would like one.

Many Thanks

Markus Tenghall says:

Would love an invite!

Hulyss Bowman says:

Cool, TV on my comp:) I would like an invite too. Thanks a lot Hart.

John Andrews says:

I would really like to check out this Joost thing. I’ve been a Skype user for many years, and want to try this out.

Johan says:


I’d really would like an account! Pretty please with several tonnes of sugar on top!

Greetings from Sweden!

Johan Järup says:


I’d really would like an account! Pretty please with several tonnes of sugar on top!

Greetings from Sweden!

(Sorry, forgot to write last name. Added it in this post 😉 )

Johan Järup says:


I really would like an account!

Greetings from Sweden!

Sorry, forgot to write last name. Added it in this post 😉

Fernando Ferreyra says:

I have invitations, but don’t have your email addresses.
If you still want them, send an email to YPpcAAjwEfuYq6NK@spambox.us

this address will work for one week.


Thomas Moller [bookedsolid at hotmail] says:

Greetings from London! If you’ve still got Joost invites I’d be grateful for one!! Cheers Thom bookedsolid AThotmailDOTcom

tony says:

i would love to try this out

Fernanco .. Glad you found your own invite~
Barnaby .. no invites sent without full name~
Tony .. ditto .. no last name provided
Markus .. invalid email provided

Hulyss, John, Johan, Thomas, David, Neil, Johannes, Kris, Simon, and Richard … all your invites have been sent now! (I hope)

Simon Brown says:

If you have any left, a Joost invite would be much appreciated. Thanks Simon (simon at javaranch dot com).

Simon .. invite was sent!

Markus Tenghall says:

Sorry. New e-mail provided.

Andy William says:

Please send me a Joost invitation.
Thank You

Markus and Andy .. invites sent!

Andy says:

I am Andy.
I still not receive invite after you sent invite notice. Would please send invite again.
Thank You

Andy .. I just tried to re-send, but received an error because the 2nd email is identical to the 1st email – and according to Joost – “The email you provided is either invalid or already in use .. please check the email address provided” ? .. // Which i guess means that it will probably come eventually …

Is this the correct email? andyw (at) dihee (dot) com ?? I could try another one.

Andy says:

Yes that’s correct email address.
I don’t know what happen, but I received email which is you posted.
Please resend different email address.
Thank You again,

David says:

I would like an invite if possible?
Many Thanks

Andy .. hopefully 3rd time’s a charm~

David .. you didn’t leave your last name, invite not sent.

Brian Sullivan says:

I still haven’t received an invite, any left??? Thanks in advance…

Daniel says:

Can I have one please? thanks in advance =)

James says:

Any invites left? Thanks!

Daniel, James and David – I’m still waiting for your Last names before invitation is sent.

Brian! My apologies! Last week when I was about to do yours, I had already invited another Brian with a last name starting with “S” – and thought that I sent you one already! Invite on it’s way in a few.

Daniel Madsen says:

there =)

=) and, you’re still alive! That didn’t kill ya hehe … invite sent Daniel!

james gonzalez says:

I would like an invite please.

James … invite sent!

Mark Sadler says:

I would love an invite, pretty please. 🙂

nicola says:

please could you invite me to joost tv?
thanks a lot

nicola says:

please invite me to join tv

Amy Lee says:

Send me an invite Please! Pretty please

Mark and Amy .. invite sent!

Nicola – you didn’t leave your last name – no invite was sent.

Mark Sadler says:

I received my invite, Hart. Thank you. I really appreciate it. 🙂

If you have any invites left, I would appreciate it. Thank You

Joost Invitation is not a name. The invites are pretty much unlimited, by the ways – .. yours not sent.

Ana Karina Tamang says:

hi there! if you could send an invitation it would be much appreciated thanks in advance!

I love to have an invite. Thanks…
Have a great day!

Ana Karina and Steve … invite has been sent!

Mike Murksac says:

Hello, Can you please send me an invite, I thank you in advance for taking all your valuable time to do this for people. Thanks

Darryl Savage says:

I would like an invite to joost

Mike and Darryl .. invite sent!


I was looking for an invite for Joost… Would you please help me? 😉

Thanks, have a nice day! 🙂


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