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Thanks For Your Patience! I’m Back!

* Now .. where do I begin?

April 30th has now come and gone, and there is still much to do. My last delivery to the drop slot at Canada Revenue Agency with an envelope, was at 11:22pm and there were 13 other cars there with people just like me delivering envelopes too!

I wouldn’t say that I am “well-rested”, but I did manage to sleep about 8 hours last night. That’s actually an accomplishment because, for the past 25 days I haven’t slept more than 4-5 hours a night, and for the past 11 days I have been averaging about 2-3 hours a night ‘power sleep’ with a 6-hour exhaustion sleep every 4 days or so to catch up. I literally have been up since Saturday Apri 28th after a 3-hour sleep in my bathtub until 2am this morning May 1st.


plus = HART’s SECRET

Honestly .. those PEP-BACK pills are crap! Stay Away From Them! I purchased the “Extra Strength” package, not the “Ultra” version, but they did NOT help me keep awake or refreshed! They did stimulate however. That’s not good. Imagine getting the shakes but tired as hell. Most times I fell asleep for a few hours in my office chair here in front of my computer was because of those pills – I couldn’t work!

However, those Wakeups are great – although I certainly wouldn’t recommend them to anybody driving, because at times – depending on the light, it seems that my vision was getting glossy at times .. especially drinking coffee too (which is not recommended heh). Since last Wednesday’s shopping day, I went through 19 pills (you are cautioned not to exceed 8 pills in 24 hours). It was usually around 6am in the morning when I would take 2 pills to keep me going and energized for when the phone would start ringing, about 9am .. but other than that if I was feeling drowsy, I would just take 1 pill. Always on it these past few days! But, not terribly on it.

Honestly though .. it’s not the pills that kept me awake. It’s been this way for years. Tax time is my busiest season and the deadline is quite finite. I have to get things done. Work has to come in and work has to get out. I’m the only one who will be doing that. I’m responsible. That’s my job. And, some adrenalin kicks in my body and for the most part, its a rush being as “productive” as I am during these times! Everything is clear to me, and when I have to solve something or figure out systems or ways to do things .. I see the solution immediately.

There was one instance on one client’s tax return, however, that I turned ugly .. and couldn’t see the solution and was unsure what I was doing was indeed the correct way to solve that issue .. and spend a lot of time researching and debating and changing and second guessing my work. Ultimately, my first instinct turned out to be the right choice but still .. it slowed me down .. because the more time I spent on the issue the dumber I seemed to get! Other than that .. my work prevailed and I do get smarter and more experienced towards deadlines. I wish I can retain all this knowledge throughout the off-season! But, I replace it with other stuff .. like .. blogging, cottage, swimming, comedy and mindless humor and sitcoms, and the like.

Anyway … I digress and there’s still lots to do!

Here is my plan for today:

* I have to see where I’m at with my ToDo list, and cross reference it to my client list.. I accomplished a lot since I created my 87 project ToDo list, but not everything and everybody and every task was completed. I am quite aware of those tasks that were not completed .. I just have to make sure that there were no tasks marked off as completed, but really wasn’t completed.

* Get in touch with most blogs and find out how this HART-Empire Network fared without any postings for the last 10 days (except this blog there was a few news releases). My Bloglines is showing 1385 updated feeds out of my 1914 feeds Blogline list .. so nothing unusual there. However, I announced a slowdown only on 4 of my blogs .. and I have over 30 blogs! I have to get my feet wet a little and get back to routine.

* Banking, post office, clean the bathrooms and other things my wife remembers me saying .. “yah yah .. sure .. after tax season” .. but, I got a few cool pictures FWD to me in my Email that I want to post .. so I will start with that!

And what about tomorrow?

Business as usual.


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