Where has my summer vacation gone?

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I have been quite busy this summer.

I feel that I have been productive in my “day job” business, in the sense that I don’t believe I was unproductive. I have always been a good multi-task’er person, and I thrive in my problem solving skills to get the job done. Sometimes you may be working on a particular task, but then feel you should be doing it another way .. so you start all over – and you trash what you did before. To me, that is the definition of being unproductive … doing things twice because you weren’t planning at all.

I started my first blog on May 31, 2005 and June 2005 was really a teaser for me. In July and so far in August 2005 I have been spending a great deal of time on the internet during blogging activities. This would entail reading RSS feeds, researching for articles and stories, reading about promotion of your own blog and other blogging activities, the upkeep and design of the webpage, and constant upgrading and looking for new utilities, and the like. I don’t think my “day job” work has suffered at all, because I continue to put in the same amount of hours. But .. my sleeping sure has suffered.

I find that there just isn’t enough hours in the day to get some blogs going and keep your day job, so what I have been doing is changing my weeks to either a 5 or 6 day week. That’s right. I have been doing at least one full time “All-Nighter” either catching up on my blogs or up on my work, at least once a week. For the most part, I have been cutting my normal hours from a good 5-3/4 hour sleep at night to maybe a 4-5 hour sleep at night. After my wife goes to sleep in the evening, I would come onto the computer and either blog or work, until about 2am or 3am. In the mornings, I would get up at either 7am or 8am … or, at least I would be “Awake” and get out of bed by 9:00am. That’s the benefit of working out of your home!

But – At least once a week, it catches up to me … like today for instance. I slept for about 10 hours from when I went to bed, and was out like a light until I woke up .. which was at 1:00pm this afternoon. And, I had promised to drive my mother somewhere at 11:30am today. Oy.

Well, to make a long story short .. I was just finishing off some breakfast toast (about 2pm) when my wife walked in the front door. She had worried to death (in conversation with my mother), and realized that I must have had a heart attack, or something, died, and our cat and two dogs were eating the remains of my cold corpse on the kitchen floor… Or, something as terrible as that.

I apologized to my mom for sleeping in, and missing her appointment,.. but I just can’t understand how it got to “Nobody is answering the phone” to “He must be dead on the floor decaying horribly” .. I honestly thought it was Monday, had no commitments or appointments today, and turned my mental alarm clock off.

I work at home – everyday – alone – …. I don’t check in with my mother, or my wife, every other day … do they think I could be dead on those days too? My cell phone could be dead, or turned off. I could be listening to music and don’t hear the phone. I could be out walking the dogs. Well, I guess I should apologize for being inconsiderate. I should know better! I know that! I’m sorry!!

So .. that got me thinking…. (again)

What happened? What’s it all for? Why are you doing this? What happened to your days?

Well, obviously I must be burnt out. I think I need a vacation. My wife took hers already … it was the last two weeks of July 2005. In addition, it was/is Every Monday in July and August 2005. It’s quite hard to plan a vacation, when she is home and does not want to go on vacation. Well, I mean “we” didn’t want to go on vacation. Our vacation dollars for 2005 will be spent on new flooring for our condo … to be installed October 19, 2005 🙂

So, I decided to work while she was home on vacation, because I do have lots of work to be done. And that means that I have also been working while she has been home on vacation during the two weeks July 18-29, 2005 and the Monday’s of the Summer of 2005 … and I have finally come to the great conclusion .. that explains everything now .. and puts things into perspective …

You can’t be productive, working at home when your spouse is home .. because there no longer is any block of time that you can actually work while your spouse is at home!

Am I right? or am I right?

I remember one Wednesday, at 2pm I went to go to the bank and post office, a usual 15 minute task, and came back home at 8pm because my spouse wanted to “pop in” to Walmart.. The rest of that day was a blur. That’s how my summer is going. When I was out and about running around this afternoon, I noticed the leaves were starting to turn shades of green and yellow … Summer is almost over.

Take care.


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