What’s in a name? Google search vs MSN search

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Microsoft’s Live Search Engine at live.com is now out of beta apparently, and ready to take Google Search. So, I thought I would see how well my name is in the search engines. I should note .. (aargh) that my name is HARTLEY SINGER and there is another HARTLEY SINGER out there, who is a musician. He goes by his initial HARTLEY E. SINGER while, I try to always use my middle initial now too .. HARTLEY B. SINGER. My business is HBS Management Consultants, based on my initials.

I’ve been posting all my blog posts and commenting around the internet as … HART (1-800-HART) .. in my attempt to become Unique. You may not get a link back to this site .. but chances are the website link is one of my sites .. and I hope when you see the two names together .. HART (1-800-HART) .. you instantly recognize it to be me.

Anyway .. I thought it would be fun to test Google versus MSN search engines for my name … so here goes!

http://Google.ca versus http://Live.com

Google Search: 120,000,000
Live Search: 22,252,479

* HART (1-800-HART)
Google Search: 19,200
Live Search: 7,935

* (1-800-HART)
Google Search: 20,000
Live Search: 7,903

Google Search: 823,000
Live Search: 105,739

Google Search: 1,200
Live Search: 38

Google Search: 605,000
Live Search: 79,366

Google Search: 1,290
Live Search: 593

http://Google.ca versus http://Google.com

* HART (1-800-HART)
Google.ca Search: 19,200
Google.com Search: 19,200

http://Google.ca versus http://search.Yahoo.com

* HART (1-800-HART)
Google Search: 19,200
Yahoo Search: 4,430,000

* “HART (1-800-HART)”
Google Search: 12,700
Yahoo Search: 4,570,000

>> That’s weird .. when I put that last query in quotations, you would think that the search should be narrowed down .. and it is with Google .. but, you get MORE results with Yahoo. I think that’s why I emotionally hate to use Yahoo – because I don’t trust it. My brother likes it however, and uses Yahoo Email and Yahoo Search all the time.

Anyway .. back to MSN Live Search .. If you search for images, there is a feature called “Scratchpad” .. And when you view the images from your search .. it seems nice to know that your site pops up instead of just the image – to help people from stealing your content. I haven’t figured out a way to get RSS Feeds from a search yet though – I’m working on it. Both Google and Yahoo searches can result in an RSS Feed to be added to my Bloglines – I’m guessing that MSN Live Search will eventually allow that option to in this RSS society we live in online.


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