What You Can Do When Your New Blackberry Cell Phone Goes Through A Full Laundry Wash And Dryer Cycle

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Answer: Start All Over.

If you came here looking for a way to fix your broken cell phone .. you probably should continue your search elsewhere. I have no answers for you to save your broken cell phone

Here’s my story – but, please wait before you call me an idiot:

I just upgraded my cell phone and signed a new 3-year contract August 21, 2009 and had a pretty nice Blackberry 8230 Flip Phone.


On November 1, 2009 .. I accidentally left this beautiful phone in my pants pocket and it went through the entire wash load and full hot dryer cycle. We heard some noises during the dryer cycle, but never put two plus two together. When the cycle was complete, the phone was loose out of my pocket, the battery was out, the back was off, the SIM chip popped out, and the glass on the inside of the phone was smokey. It would have been too late anyway.

That Cell Phone Was Toast!

I’m not going to brag about how many different ways I tried to save this phone – but bottom line is that it is just a paper weight now – toast – fried – useless!

It did not look good.

So what are my options?

Because I just signed up 2 months ago with a 36 month lease, I had 34 months left to go. This Blackberry 8230 phone cost me $49.99 with a 3-year plan, and the cheapest you can buy it was $349.99 with a 1-year plan. Without a plan – they would sell me a phone for $699.99.

MTS has an option to buy out your contract, whatever it is, to $30/month up to a maximum of $400. This seemed like the best thing to do – So I did.

Crunching The Numbers

Currently, with my current plan, I basically have a data plan ($90/month) and buddy plan for my wife ($33/month) and with taxes it costs me about $137/month.

Over the next 34 months – I would have to pay $137×34 = $4,658.00 .. plus a new phone costing $699.99 plus taxes $783.98 for a total of $5,441.98

I opted to go with the same phone that my wife has ..


* Full QWERTY Keyboard
* 1.3 megapixel camera and video recorder
* Integrated music player
* Bluetooth® profiles: HF, HS, FTP, DUN, OPP and BPP
* Mobile Web
* Downloadable ringers and screensavers
* MicroSD expandable memory (up to 4GB)
* Speakerphone

* To buy out the old contract, I opted to pay the max $400.00 plus taxes $448.00 .. this would be added to my next month’s bill
* For a brand new 36-month contract, I had to buy this phone for $29.99 plus taxes or $33.58 .. this was to be paid up front cash
* To buy another phone, gave me a $40.00 plus taxes = ($44.80) credit on my bill applied to the buyout fee
* While I was paying cash, I purchased a 2GB sim Memory card to store pictures and mp3’s .. I did not want to risk putting the 1GB card from the blackberry into the phone after it’s been through the wash and dryer – $19.99 plus taxes = $22.38
cute-cell-phone-accessories-polka-dots* Subsequently – I was at the Shopping Centre and purchased a really nice hard shell cover to protect it $14.99 plus taxes $16.78 similar to this one, except black and more purple and green strokes on it

* Because the LG Rumour doesn’t need a data plan, and I figured I can live without that as well, I am saving $25/month plus taxes.
* There was a sale on at the time I renewed this, (damn you phone company!) and the exact same plan cost me $5/month cheaper than what it did 2 months ago.
* My plan was the mega plan and has unlimited text, and opted to increase my wife’s buddy plan to unlimited outgoing text messages, besides unlimited incoming which, costs another $3/month plus taxes.


My Plan = now costs me $90-25-5 = $60/month plus taxes
My wife’s plan = now costs $33+3 = $36/month plus taxes

>> total $107.52 month

On a comparison level, for 34 months .. (with taxes)

* buyout $448.40
* new phone $33.58
* credit on purchase ($48.40)
* Accessories $39.18
* new monthly cost $107.52 x 34 – $3,655.68

>> The total cost of this buyout and new cell phone plan will be $4,128.44 over 34 months


I’m actually saving $5,441.98 less $4,128.44 = $1,313.54 (or $38.14/month) by placing my new Blackberry 8230 Flip Phone in the Washer and Dryer, and buying a new phone!

With logic like that .. now, how can you still call me an idiot for doing that? 🙂


I hate to admit it, but I think I like this LG Rumour better. It’s easy to save names and type on the full keyboard, it shows the missed calls better, allows me to see alerts easier and a few other features.

The picture 1.3MP is not as good as the blackberry (suckie, but works) and I haven’t figured out how to email pics yet .. but, I think it may be a “plan” issue rather than a “HART is unable to figure that out” issue.

UPDATE: // apparently .. the LG Rumour phone is ineligible to email pictures due to some old Bell/Sympatico issue or something like that *yawn*

However .. I upgraded my plan by another $3 so I can somehow reach the internet and perhaps, unlimited twitter participation! Little did I know – until today – that unlimited text messaging on your phone – to twitter – does not count.

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