What is the ‘Tobin Tax’ on currency trading?

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Tony Colman says a tax on currency trading could generate a global fund to help fight climate change. He defines the Tobin Tax. Named after James Tobin, a very small tax on worldwide currency transactions could be easily administered by a global body such as the United Nations.


ozkaa says:

there’s a difference between climate and weather.

Michael Truman says:

I hate this idea, yet another way of taking money from the people and giving it to an unelected UN who are trying to work as a global government. why do people get paid to think up so much rubbish, There is no such thing as man made global warming, maybe if the scientists went outside to take there temperature readings next year they will indeed find that its much colder out these last few years, they must be recording their temperatures while sitting by the fire. Please no more Taxes.

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