What is the “IN MY HUMBLE OPINION” Category anyway?

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One acquaintance of mine recently looked at this blog. It was the day I posted the blog entry entitled Illusions – Part 1 on July 24, 2005. I asked what he thought of my blog, and to paraphrase him, this is what it sounded like to me …

Oh. Yes. I uh, Yes. I looked at Your Blog. Nice. It was. Interesting. Yes. That thing was freaky. No! Good. It was good. Nice Yes. Neat it was. Uh-huh. Sure. Yes. um. Ok Then. You Know.. um. I thought you said it was an accounting blog?

I apologize to everybody tuning into 1-800-HART at this time and finding random photoblog pictures, optical illusions, and the occassional article from other sources.

My business is accounting and consulting, and I feel with my small business experience I can provide valuable insights and information that others will find useful. Eventually, I hope that I will be posting blog entries that can accomplish that goal. But, right now I am still sorting out my bookmarks and links into many categories, and will be posting them here at 1-800-HART. When I am not sorting out my bookmarks, my time has been spent on PetLvr.com – [The Blog] getting new scripts such as the PetLvr Gallery or PetLvr Community Corner to work. I am pleased that the Free Greeting E-Cards script is working nicely.

In the meantime, you might see random pictures, or comments, or articles that I want in this blog. I want to fill up my website and blog with lots of fun and goodies and other encyclopia type of knowledge, besides my offerings of the occassional opinion and story, so that the when readers come to visit me and my blog, they can see what “HART” is all about. If you ask me a question, I will try to answer it, or obtain an answer for you .. because I want to help you. Besides the knowledge and experience that I have in a wide variety of areas, another thing I am good at is researching information on the internet. If I can’t find it .. it probably isn’t on the internet!

Back to Reality …

Anyway, after repeatedly thinking this over and over with myself in my own mind, I thought I should either get back to work, or find another human being to discuss and interact with me. So, I looked at my MSN Messenger Contact List. There was another acquaintance online at the time, but somehow, during Tax Time, I might have blocked out the name to hide myself from view (Sorry) because, sometimes as much as I wanted to chat – sometimes you just have to take care of business. In this case, I never bothered to unblock the person. So I unblocked him, and we now both appeared Online to the other.

Hello”! was an immediate remark to me as soon as I did that ..
“Where have you been all this time?”
Whatcha been doing?”

I mentioned that I have been developing a blog. Two of them in fact! He mentioned that he was thinking of starting one for his own business (and when you do I will link you here). I asked him if he had time to give this 1-800-HART a review, and get back to me. He had three comments, more like observations, about this blog:

  • (1) I am trying to sell T-Shirts and my Laptop in the ‘Highly Recommended’ category.
  • He thought that this would be a good place for when me to evaluate accounting and bookkeeping and consulting “STUFF” and would recommend that to my client and potential clients. The ‘Extremely Annoying’ category could be my thumbs down or place to put evaluations that I hated and don’t recommend to my clients or potential clients. The suggested that I just keep the stuff I have for sale in my online store and not in the blog.

    >>>>> That’s exactly was my plan with the Good and Evil concept of future reviews … but, I think I should have the right to put anything for sale on my own website and in my own blog. You don’t have to buy it thought 🙂 …. Although, if you notice that I have placed recommendations on the side from Amazon and Google adsense ads within the blog posts ..I *DO* hope that people click on them to find out more information, and ultimately purchase from an affiliate of mine .. then I can receive commissions and help support the growing cost of online costs.

  • (2) What is the “IN MY HUMBLE OPINION” Category?

    Isn’t everything in HART’s Humble Opinion? He liked that I have many categories, like stuff for the taking, and other categories which seem to have a definition inside each archive, and related to my business .. and even the odd categories for non-business like amusing stuff and my photoblog. But, in all other posts, I usually do my I.M.H.O. disclaimer anyway, don’t I?

    >>>> This Category called “IN MY HUMBLE OPINION” was created just so I can have a category to ramble on and off and continuously, without ruining the other categories. In my other blog, I am assigning many categories to each post. You might find a story about pet care in categories such as “..By Hart, Pet Health, Pet Dogs, Pet Travel” etc. In here, I am striving to only choose one category for every post. One Topic for each post. I can create as many new categories as I wish, but there are bound to be topics such as this one (random musings) that really don’t fall under a specifi topic. I could have easily called this category “Miscellaneous” or “Random Musings” or “USELESS stuff” or “Boring Stuff” … but I liked the “In My Humble Opinion” better .. it sounds like I might be blogging about something important or useful to the existence of our entire universe, instead of boring stories, such as this one!

  • (3) There wasn’t any third comment … there were just the two listed above.
  • I wonder why people do that? I guess it’s like the old joke …

    There are 10 types of people in this world
    … those that can read Binary, and those that can’t

    Take care.


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