What Is Entrecard (EC)?

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* http:// Entrecard.com

According to the “HELP” section of Entrecard …

What is Entrecard?

* Entrecard is a blogging network.
* You can drop your card to show other bloggers that you visited their site.
* Other sites can drop their card on your site too, and you can check them out.
* Entrecard uses a currency – Entrecard Credits (EC for short).
* You can use this currency to buy adverts on other sites.
* We also have forums that you can participate in.

That’s just a brief summary. For more information on how to use Entrecard, go back to the start page using the link below, and read some of our other help guides.

Personally .. I tried it, and don’t like it. In fact, I hate everything that Entrecard represents – except for one thing – it allows people to advertise on blogs for only 1 day at a time relatively easy.

So, for this reason alone – I still keep the code on two of my sites .. this one http://1800HART.com/blog/ and http://PetLvr.com/blog/ .. to let people come advertise on my site for a day or two.

When I’m surfing the ‘net and I see somebody with the EC code, I might click on it to let them know I was there, but generally I don’t. If I did that – people would start to click on my code. The more people that come and click on my code brings more people that want to advertise their business card (EC card) on my blog for 1 day. And, the more people that wants to advertise on my blog means that it costs them more EC units.

Currently – I stopped beefing up my units and everything associated with Entrecard so other users can find a cheap way to advertise on my sites. Rarely .. the cost is more than 8 credits, 16 credits or 32 credits … and sometimes has been as low as 4 credits.

I suggest that if you want to advertise on this site for a day – at really cheap EC prices … click the “E” on the Entrecard spot (bottom left in the footer) and look at the price. If it’s cheap enough for you .. go for it! Or, if it’s not, then wait a few days and come back – I promise you I won’t be beefing up those prices.

Now – don’t get me wrong! Although I might prefer that you come over to http://HART-Empire-Network.com/advertise/ and advertise officially for longer terms, or find me on Linkworth or Text-Link-Ads or PerformancingAds … I welcome all advertisers and bloggers who wish to associate themselves with me (HART), 1-8-0-0-H-A-R-T .. or the HART-Empire Network.


wilbau says:

Hi Hart
Your post makes me feel great, because I had a lot of prejudices concerning EC. Why didn’t I sign up at EC? Mostly maybe because of an obvious stupid reason: I didn’t like the name of it.

Ya .. I know what you mean .. it’s like …
is it Theatre? or Theater?
is it Center? or Centre?
Is it Entrecard? or, should it be Entercard?

Meanwhile .. should I be looking forward to your future daily advertisements? 🙂 For you site .. (and others) I would not insist people not use them (e.g. not a negative recommendation) and it could be a good thing placing the code on your site for other bloggers starting out – even if you don’t plan on participating.

I cringe at all the EC contests in BC or places that costs thousands of EC credits to advertise – for one day. You get a better bang for your buck with twitter, or plurk, etc.

Cindy King says:

Hello Hart,

I was very slow in using Entrecard. In fact I still don’t. I didn’t like the high volume of cards for things I don’t want associated with my blogs.

But my partner insisted on having a closer look at it. I teased him for a week, kept limiting the choice of cards I would allow on the blogs.

But now I can say that it is bringing in some good traffic. My entrecard is for a free translation widget. Peole are curious enough to click through and there is a good conversion rate.

Like everything, I think you need to figure out how you can get the best use out of it. Now, I personally would not have spent a week fiddlng around with it…

I made a set of batch files, each batch has 15+ EC sites. I made this for people to easily open 15 tabs in their browser, drop the cards and move on. I even made one batch that is bigger than the others where people post a “You Drop I Follow” policy. Dropping 20 EC gets you 20 visits. I can add your site to the list if you like http://cheapkeywords.info/Entrecard.html because a lot of people dropping is traffic. Hard to say that it will be good traffic.

Cindy … you pretty much described how I feel about EC. To each his/her own! I mentioned in my post that I don’t believe in “beefing” this up – in order to keep cheap daily advertising rates in EC money .. but, I do get requests to post ads on my sites every day. I think – ever since I first started .. I’ve only rejected 2 ads (both were for R-to-X rated sites not appropriate for my G-rated sites).

I do get some trickle down traffic .. besides the daily advertiser checking to see if his/her advertisement is on my site!

Richard .. thanks for the offer, but I’m not interested. All that would do is make my site more popular, and cost the advertisers more EC credits when advertising on my sites! If my readers had to pay more than the 4,8,16, or 32 credits to advertise on my site .. I’d probably just remove the code from my footer altogether!

I do have many BlogCatalog friends who claim the EC Toolbar has been a big help also, with dropping cards.

Graham says:

Hey Hart,

Just curious as to how we might be able to improve the site and service. Feel free to email me and start a dialogue. Would really love to chat about it.

Thanks Graham .. I might just do that! I have some observations.

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