What is ABITPAC and reasons to join in

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My name is Hartley B Singer, but my friends call me HART or on twitter and in forums around the internet as “PetLvr“. I’m probably a lot like you – or, perhaps nothing like you but you might see a few qualities in me within yourself and what you do online and offline. I say online, because you are here reading this blog entry and you want to learn, have fun and hopefully further either your education or your business.

ABITPAC .. is the initials for .. “Accounting, Bookkeeping, Income Tax Preparation, And Consulting“, which I have had on my own letterhead since I started my Proprietorship business back in 1991 under the name HBS Management Consultants.

Since 1985 I have worked in public practice until 2003 when I decided to go out on my own, and work out of my house full time. Sitting in front of the computer all day (and sometimes all night) gives me great opportunities to participate in both online and offline ventures. Sometimes the line is blurry but, bottom line is what really counts.

Is this Forum and Community For You?

I created this site and forum to attract members with these basic characteristics:

1. You are a self-employed individual and/or entrepreneur who also provides accounting services, bookkeeping services, does income tax preparation or consulting

2. You probably work out of your home and have no employees but, having employees is okay!

3. You are interested in networking with other self-employed individuals who do what you do, and socialize either in a chat messaging or forum environment

4. Sometimes it’s easier to learn new ways, technology innovations, industry news if you are closer to the people and industry conversations and looking for such information

5. You wouldn’t mind promoting your own business to find new clients, or show off your skills, pass along cool tips that you have learned along the way to help other self-employed individuals starting out

6. You are a SOHO and in business, but not “abitpac” related, but need to learn how to do bookkeeping, and maybe ask advice from experts like tax planning questions, general software and computer questions, etc.

7. You are a virtual assistant or other individual with – or without – a professional degree or designation and want to learn more about accounting and bookkeeping and income tax preparation and consulting opportunities

8. Maybe you are here searching our job boards looking for a job in the ‘abitpac’ related industry and have given up or tired of working alone on your own in your own home and want to work a day job once again.

9. You want to help me (HART) test out this social network plugin script (called WP-Mingle by Blair Williams) for possible inclusion on your own site and community. You know it’s a social world out there!

Some random things about me working at home

It’s the little things that bug me, and it’s not dealing with work or clients or finances .. but stuff that really don’t have anything to do with any of that stuff, but affects all of that stuff!

– Sometimes I can check emails in the morning and am still dealing with them by lunchtime.

– Sometimes I answer the phone and my dogs start barking.

– I am home alone all day, and if I don’t get many calls from clients for a few days .. I start to talk to my clients and wife in “baby-dog-talk”.

– If I don’t take out dishes, garbage, the odd cleaning, shovel snow or move things around my house I must appear to be lazy and don’t do anything all day working at home.

– Are you really working at home thinking about work and the stress from it carries on to you when you are not working?

– It’s quiet late at night and sometimes I can work all night, go to sleep around 4:30am and still get up by 9am

– Being self-employed allows you to work your own hours, as it should be … yet, with a spouse working fixed hours sometimes the only block of time I can get to work is after my spouse goes to sleep at night.

– I don’t have to shave, take a shower, or even get dressed during the day! Although, I like to do that and get the mail before my wife comes home 😀

– Everybody knows I promote my business in all kinds of ways (offline and online) but, I try not to mix them up and seems that I am not promoting either at times.

– When I first went out on my own, there were a few peers and associates that I talked to frequently and even had lunch meetings on a regular basis, to talk and discuss the basics of each others business plans and basically socialize, but I haven’t done that in years now.

– It’s a lot different working out of your home. You can’t take a walk down to the washroom and mull over something with a partner or fellow employee – there is no one here but me and my dogs.

– Even my dogs have a routine while I’m working and, sometimes I’m working around their schedule and hours!

– I sometimes do not get out for lunch until 2-3pm, and still feel obligated to eat dinner at “dinner time” to spend time with my spouse

– I wouldn’t trade working at home for the world! I wonder if I can even work for another boss now … that is, since knowing that I have such a cool and great boss right now! me :D)

Feel free to comment about your situation below, or in the forums if you are a member

To become a member, click the top navigation buttons “Register” or “Login” to sign in. You can chat in the forums and free to start new threads over there, or just go to your profile and be chatty comments like in twitter. You can also click Messages and chat with other members logged into the site in realtime that refreshes automatically so you don’t have to wait for a reply in the forum by clicking refresh all the time ..or if you do not want to give out your IM username or don’t have one.


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