What I Want For My Birthday

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It’s 7/11 – That time of year again!

As I mentioned last year on my birthday .. I’ve been counting backwards every year since I turned 33 years of age .. and now I can proudly say that I am .. 22 years old today!

WooHoo! Pretty soon I’ll be a teenager once again! 😀

The Beatles – Happy Birthday

This is what I want for my birthday


It’s a USB Audio Interface. I have two keyboards in the basement collecting dust, and I thought it would be neat if I set them up .. and with the help of this little product and my Cubase SE software .. well, hopefully I can whip something into an MP3 file and try to revive my music site .. http://The-Singers.com .. with songs played by – ME.

FYI – Update

For the same price, and my wife agreeing to buy me this for my birthday .. I decided on a different model, with more MIDI inputs… the UM-3EX



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