What Does A Bookkeeper Do?

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www.coffeenotinc.co.uk What exactly does a bookkeeper do and what can you expect from them?


Patryk Machowiak says:

Yes you are absolutely correct, bookkeepers as well as accountants are very divers. Each one of them will try to restrict themselves to type of businesses they know from personal experience. Personally I think it should not be like that. I think we should try to widen our scope of knowledge. The problem is that each business is as divers as person running it and to be honest with everyone opportunities to stretch your business over few different niches is possible. Therefore we have to adapt.

coffeenotinc says:

Hi Patryk thanks so much for your comments 🙂

Using your accountant “wisely” is a very valid point they have the expertise and are able to advise and answer many questions regarding tax amongst other things.

I completely take on board your comments below about where bookkeeping ends and accountancy begins .. this was just my own interpretation and my own experience. I guess the point I was trying to make is that each is an expert is their own field 🙂

Patryk Machowiak says:

Further to my comment below, Accountants job is to provide tax forecast and financial planning for for business. Accountants are very important and I am using one myself. However you do not have to waste money on accountant to do your books. Use Your Accountant wisely, make sure you talk to them about your tax issues, how you can avoid paying too much tax, there are legal ways of doing it, maybe you will have to change legal status of your business but those are issues you direct to them

Patryk Machowiak says:

Very good video and I do agree with you we should support our client meaning business and interpret data for them. Unfortunately there is still vast amount of bookkeepers who are not part of or certified by professional body like ICB or AAT.
One thing I do not agree with you on is where the bookkeepers work ends and where accountants starts.
I am bookkeeper regulated by ICB and within my qualifications I am preparing Year End Accounts for Sole Traders

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