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The upgrade to WordPress version 2.3.3 is now complete. I have also upgraded this template as well .. to the new HART-Empire Network template.

I will miss the old 1-800-HART template, which (if anybody noticed) was Version 2, and I really liked the old header graphic. So – I shrunk it and placed in the top left “About” box as a momento 🙂

In case you were interested about the color scheme .. I have left PURPLE color theme for http://HART-Empire-Network.com and the http://BattlingForHealth.com series of blogs because purple is my favorite color. I have decided to use BROWN color on the http://AndYouWill.com series of blogs, but I have yet to update those subdomains as of yet. I wanted GREEN color thing for everything “HART” or “SINGER” related blogs – the colour of money – but, quite honestly my wife says the BLUE color looked better, and well .. since I asked which one she liked better and then she DID pick the BLUE one – … yup 🙂 BLUE it is!

Anyway … feel free to look around … and if you see anything kooky – PLEASE! Let me know in the comments – otherwise, I’ll just fix things as it comes to my attention – and leave everything as it is right now – a work in progress.

Take care.


Bendz says:

I like it better than the old one.

Loose the cartoon with the green head. It’s just annoying.

aw 🙂 Actually it’s the picture as the ‘head’ below, but I copied a Moore’s Suit Ad below it and added the green hair. I’ve been thinking of removing it anyway because it’s the same picture – but, I really like that lightning effect. Thanks for opinion! Seriously considering it 😀

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