What do you do if an IRS employee shows up at your door

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getirshelpvideos.com When an IRS Revenue Officer shows up at your door, its normal for anxiety to be high, but what do you do? A veteran Tax Attorney shares his secrets about what to do when an IRS employee shows up on your doorstep.


vfIskullangel says:

Shoot those motherfuckers.

144pieces says:

I need this attorneys help!

artvisor says:

I agree 100%

electrichman says:

As an attorney you should shut your mouth; because you are operating outside of integrity and under maritime admiralty law and probably part of the BAR ASSOC.. Wage and income taxes were never ratified by the u.s. congress and are illegal in the first place.

OkDubCVO says:

what if he does…..

tsqrd1 says:

tipical disinformation from a british subject, doesnt surprise me!!!!!!!!!!

Lok783 says:

slam the door in his fucking face

hoseqt1 says:

Actually, tell them “warrant first”

rss3763 says:

lmao, thats one way to get rid of them

guitarplayer4real says:

As far as shills sticking speaking for the IRS, unless you can pull my file and speak facts, STFU.

guitarplayer4real says:

I’m a business owner of 20 years, educate YOURSELF before you speak to me.

Al Amota says:

wrong! they are not federal or US Government. Educate yourself before you speak. Love Yourself and Love Others

guitarplayer4real says:

Wasted time knocking on my door, I have no respect for the IRS whatsoever, they’re federally sanctioned criminals and will be treated as such on my property. These rat basterds cost us so much money that most of you cant even imagine until you are in business for yourself.

RWT683 says:

Shut the door.

waterchildtera says:

preach the Gospel to them

waterchildtera says:

i check his badge if a letter A starts off his badge number !
they can’t be there at all that is a administrative badge { a clerk }
so call the sheriff and have them removed for trespassing and impersonating a official !
and call your lawyer !
if they have a E starting off there badge number that is enforcement !
call the sheriff again and ask tho see the paperwork signed by the state attorney general !
it won’t be they haven’t since 1971 when they got sued and lost big time !
no authority !

ljrow49 says:


Alex7sc says:

Shoot him for trespassign 

damiion666 says:

I’d get out my avon products and start trying to sell it to them till they leave.

PhantonChakra says:

I usually flash my gun and say,”no law ever written is as powerful as cold steel”

PhantonChakra says:

I usually flash my gun and say,”no law ever written is as powerful as cold steel”

mjboak says:

thank you! great advice

kevinkzac says:

Render unto Cesear the things that are Cesear’s, and unto God the things that are God’s. Pay your taxes and thank God you live in America!

nonassumsit says:


tonyrmarin1 says:

Why dont you tell everyone the truth that is ther is no income tax for most people
and you dont want them to no that becaws you would be out of work!! right.
and your first responsabilty is to the court !! if your a bar member?

angrynhpatriot says:

shoot them

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