Well .. SURE .. I want an iPhone

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Who Wouldn’t want something that does .. everything?

It doesn’t matter anyway .. us CANUCKS can’t get service for these phones anyway .. 🙁

It’s been called the worst kept secret that Rogers Communications would most likely be the provider when it does come to Canada, but latest signs point to at least several months before that happens.

Roger’s CFO told the Globe and Mail recently that Apple is concentrating on its U.S. launch, “and when they decide to turn their mind to other markets, we’ll be in line.”

In fact, in its current form, the iPhone would only work if you’re with a provider using GSM quad-band technology (Rogers or Fido); and it won’t work if you’re with a provider using CDMA (Bell and Telus).

In the U.S., if you’re not an AT&T customer, you won’t be able to use the iPhone (as a phone, anyway) either.

SOURCE: Sympatico News

Heads up on YouTube Video from: Jonathan Phillips


hehe, I so want one, just cause I want siddeburns! 🙂
Thanx for the linkage and mention Hart!

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