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I’ve been online for a while now, and browsing my computer, I came across the following image – which, was was my 1988 logo on my static (non-blog) 1800HART site!

HART's Home Page (1998)

HART's Home Page (1998)

I recently upgraded my http://PetLvr.com/blog/ site with a new “Thesis” template and have decided to do the same to 1-8-0-0-H-A-R-T blog.

There are many things related to myself, my 1-800-HART site and my HBSMC site (image wise) and you might start seeing random pictures in the top right sidebar, just below the new header image. I hope to add a few more interesting images there and hopefully you will see a new side of HART while you are browsing around this blog!

Fan Me on FaceBook

I have created a new Fan Page in Facebook to cover this blog, and my business blog http://HBSMC.com and perhaps http://callHART.com/crazy and any other site that has HART in its domain! I hope you become a fan, and interact with me on Facebook .. and feel you can get in touch with me either on Facebook, or Twitter.

And Speaking of Annoying Popups ..

You probably notice a new popup coming with this new template … and, I hope you sign up to my NEW and IMPROVED newsletter! This newsletter is similar to the daily email recaps, except will only be sent to you once a week recapping all the posts on this blog for the week, instead of the day. In addition, I will be offering additional posts, tips and freebies periodically in the new year, that will not be offered to the general reading public.


Adam says:

I have been meaning to change the pixelheadonline template for sometime, and this might do the trick.

Adam .. you should bookmark this site:

I use it all the time – and for the top right sidebar where there are random images, I resized them all to about 360px wide so they look good. As you probably already know, you can’t just resize animated .gif’s in Adobe Photoshop etc .. – but you can resize animated images at the above URL location. Load the file, resize, and SaveAs another name! You should be able to make your header image fit your template better (the color is off a little)

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