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Welcome to 1-800-HART…

For those new to the blogging world, this will be your “BLOGGING-101” course and an introduction to my website. This is a BLOG entry. While it looks like a normal website, really it is a series of website pages pulled together in one website. If you are familiar with our Tag-Board and other real-time chat programs like Tag-Board, the latest post is always on top. This is different from the Support Forums you might be familiar with, where new posts are usually added to the bottom of the topic. You should be able to see the date of each blog entry at the beginning of each entry just below the title of the Blog Entry. If you move your mouse over the title, it should turn BLUE. If you click on the title link, you will go to the individual page which is just this one Blog Entry. In blogging terms, this is the “Permanent Link” or “PermaLink”.

At the end of each blog entry, you will see the links to tell you what category (on the right side of the page) this entry is associated with, and if there are any “Comments (number)” to this entry. To post a comment, just click on the link “Comments” and then “Leave a Comment”.

It is okay to post a comment to any blog entry on this 1-800-HART site!

Please note, that while everybody is encouraged and welcomed to post a comment, you must still register with this site to remember you and allow you to post a comment.

Linking Inside this Blog Website

At the beginning of each entry, you will see a group of links that may or may not change in the future. It looks like this:

| Home | Top | Archives | Categories | Utilities | Admin |

These are “Hot Links” to sections within this blog site. “TOP” will always get you to the top of the current page, and if you are on a sub-page, “HOME” will return you to the main start page. Feel free to experiment by clicking on each link to find out where you are transported to.

For all the other links and graphics and advertisements and elsewhere in this blog, I leave it in your own clickable hands to discover the good, bad and ugly sites hidden deep within these postings.

Take care.


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