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I have finally figured out why my RSS Feed has NOT been working since my upgrade from wordpress version 1.5.2 directly to wordpress 2.0.5

I was concerned of the problem being one created by me making such a vast jump in versions in wordpress that was the problem .. or the vast jump in the feedburner plugin or feedburner itself having problems.

It turns out that my old version of plugins included Denis de Bernardy’s “Related” series of plugins that you see at the end of each post (Related Searches, Related Entries, and Related Tags) did not include the additional plugin “Related Entries For Feeds” .. and I activated all four of them – instead of just the three that I had before.

I deactivated this odd plugin and my feed came back instantly. I think. Well, if you can read this – then it worked.

Geeeeesh. Sorry about that folks! It has been frustrating knowing my feed has been down for 48 hours .. and I was unable to fix it. Support from both WordPress and Feedburner were not that supportive .. although I give full credit to HandySolo, the WordPress Support Moderator finally trying to help me after a day and a half .. who gave me the clues I needed to figure out what the problem was .. and it was me!


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