Wealth Management v/s Financial Planning | What suits you ?

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ramesh charania says:

Lovely sir you done such wonderful information for us. I Am Loving It.

biplab8u787 0 says:

SEBI must Stop Shorting INTRADAY.
most of the Smart Money or Operators or Brokers are manipulate Price to destroy the RETAILERS Wealth.
SHORT SELLING must be stopped for INTRADAY .
SEBI must be take ACTION as soon as possible.

Shrikant Bapat says:

I am a subscriber of investyadnya.
Really informative stock analysis.
It would be better if a model (concentrated ) portfolio of 8 to 10 stocks is suggested

naveen singh says:

Thank u sir for the informative video…

Kalpesh Khatavkar says:

yadnya investment has helped me a lot in my investment…..thank you yadnya

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