Wasting the time away

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This was fun ….

I started it over on the call HART crazy .. titled … Crazy Art – By Me!

But, as you get the hang of it … you just never know what will come out of your mind ….. like this ..

Watch Me Draw The Above Picture

There are also some cool pictures on there – all you have to do is view gallery, skip to the end, then view another. When you see something you like .. click skip to beginning. You might find some interesting ones .. like this one by somebody else…

YES .. This site should be added to HART’s Bookmarks, in my Amusing Stuff section!



If you try the above .. you can save and email your picture to a friend … I would be happy to considered your ‘friend’ and take a look at your picture, in fact I will link your picture in this blog entry for all to see! Send your link to …. hart (at) 1800HART (dot) com


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