WARNING!! Internal Revenue Service In Crisis

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WARNING!! DO NOT RECORD THE IRS. NOT. This is proof that the IRS needs to be abolished. They will give you a different answer and then denies what an other a…


Neverod8doreveN says:

Why say always record the irs and then make it seem like you stopped
recording at their request? I’m a little confused about your point?
Possibly you carried on recording and don’t want to incriminate yourself.
But that’s not the impression this video gives. Seems like bs that they can
record you but you can’t do the same. Can you request a copy of their
recording somehow? 

savemyrepublic says:

Add a message to your video

superwackywabbit says:

Just turn it. ….. “I do not consent to being recorded.”

they can’t talk to you now. ….. ah. …. so nice and quiet :p

dpf213 says:

such B.S. governments can record & track us but if we record them and do
the same its a crime, this whole system needs to be abolished. 

denmason says:

What is good for the goose is good for the gander… in my books. Time for
all to turn our backs to this false so called entity. This year the
Infernal Revenue Service has already stated that will not have enough fiat
currency to make good on the peoples tax returns.

John Smith says:

Justice 2 injustice 10+ well done. A must everyone know their
constitutional rights freedom of speech.

strawman007 says:

You can record them, they just don’t want to be recorded. She is full of

genzigg386 says:

criminals always have somthing to hide

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