Waiting For A Courier To Arrive

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Today is one of those days …

I’m expecting a courier delivery from a client today. It’s a box of my client’s Year-End records that I need and will be working on this weekend. I was asked Wednesday afternoon what day would be a good day to send the box, so I will be at home to receive it. I suggested Friday as I had no plans for the day, but just in case – call me before the courier is sent to be sure that I am home.

Well, this morning I had an early meeting with another client, and didn’t get back to ‘my office’ until shortly after 12:00pm Noon. Now, remember – that ‘my office’ is my home, because I work out of my house. There was a message on my call answer machine to let them know when they can send the courier. I immediately called my client, and let them know that I will be home for the rest of the day. They said they would immediately call the courier for pickup and delivery.

Sounds normal, right?

Well .. yes – except this is Friday. After home at work for a few hours, I now find that I should go do some banking and drop off some mail before the 5:15pm pickup. Friday also tends to be the busiest times for courier deliveries, although most afternoon deliveries (in my experience) usually take all afternoon to be delivered. I can probably expect delivery close to the end of the day, around 5:00pm.

Sure – sometimes my client will offer to send the delivery as a “Rush Order” but realistically, in most cases, as their accountant I must stay in character and advise them to “Save Their Money” .

Send me your stuff on the Slow Boat To China route – and keep your courier costs low .. I’ll still be here after 5pm!

And what if it’s REALLY a rush?

Well, I’ll just eat the cost myself – it’s not about me – it’s about servicing the client. If they can’t email or fax me their documents or stuff – I’ll either call my own courier for a rush pickup – or just hop in my car and go out and pick it up myself. Fortunately, Winnipeg is small enough that I can drive anywhere in the city in about 20 minutes. I can just go for lunch, shopping for supplies, or just get out of the house away from my barking dogs 🙂 and kill two birds with one stone!


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