Vlogmas 8-11 (Moving to London?? Financial Planning/Saving)

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Caddy Bee says:

I love you ? you really just spoke and motivated me I appreciate it ! You my big sister in my head lol !!! ??

Liyah's Adventures says:

Almost 50 minutes of missylynn how amazing!!! I really needed to hear this financial talk thank you very much #lovingtheview

Mainey Boo says:

you don't want to move to london. London is EXPENSIVE!!!!

YouLove Cierra says:

I love when you give financial advice….or any advice. I really look up to you ❤️ #lovingtheview

Breezy Bonney says:

The saving video is very helpful to me. I work in the medical field (EMS) and some may know that we are definitely over worked and under paid depending on where you work wether its in a small or big city. I work in a small city in Florida so the pay average, enough to stay afloat! lol. But i LOOVVEE my job. My daughter will be 4 months Christmas Eve, so the money leaves quicker then it is received. Thanks for the advice, greatly needed! What color is on your nails? ? it..

Janel Coleman says:

This was an AWESOME video on budgeting!! I have a spreadsheet as well. It's set up a little differently though. I also chart my savings on it and the payoff for my car. Thanks again for the video and I hope you feel better soon and get your energy back!! Happy Holidays!

Brittany Love says:

Missy I really enjoyed your video. You have really helped me with planning and mapping everything out to save better. I have a goal so this video will definitely help me better achieve that. Thank you for those words because they were well needed. I love your videos. I watch you faithfully. Your personality is the best ever. I'm looking forward to the rest of your videos! Keep up the good work! #lovingtheview

Ashley Williams says:

Thank you so much on that tip on saving money. It makes so much since thank you for that

charnetta_danielle says:

Your financial advice was well needed because a lot of people in this generation have their priorities mixed up. #lovingtheview but that nailery tho ???? I thought u were gonna get a dark color but I like the color you chose.

Chatanya Stephens says:

This video was really motivational. Thanks for the tips Missy. My family WILL reach our savings goal in 2016. #LOVINGTHEVIEW

Phania A. says:

#lovingtheview it was what I needed to hear to give me that push into opening up a saving accounts. Thank you

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