Viral Marketing? What’s That? Oh – wait a minute .. this is that.

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I was scanning my bloglines, as I usually do each night .. and found something VERY interesting … I don’t know why Brian turned off his comments on his blog .. so I couldn’t go over there and comment about how amusing I thought this was!

Source: Brian Tankersley, CPA, CITP blogs on Technology and Accounting Matters

Article: Viral Marketing Hits The Accounting World

You know you love them, even if you won’t admit it publically. Elf Bowling. Joe Cartoon. The Jib-Jab video of Kerry and W singing “This Land is Your Land”. Yes, they’re silly, but they are fun. And a sense of humor is the key to surviving busy season – anywhere.

PayCycle, a web-based payroll company, has recently created a humorous Pc-based ad promoting their online payroll service. It’s pretty amusing, and may reduce your stress in this very busy time of the year.

You can see their video by clicking here.

Just as a note, while we are on the subject of Payroll Services … if you are in the market to hire a payroll service to takeover the inhouse payroll … things to consider might be:

* Company will setup opening figures (year to date figures since January 1) for every employee
>> Besides keeping track of everything they do, you want to be able to be compliant and issue proper information at the end of the calendar year

* Company will allow negative amounts to employee figures
>> I myself often advise smaller firms to toss extra money on their payroll account and charge it as tax for the shareholders, as the payroll service usually remits the deductions directly (the shareholders do not get paycheques, but rather just draw money during the year as they need it)

* Company will allow ample time to make year end adjustments and will do the final reporting
>> You should be able to review the preliminary figures and advise your payroll service company of any adjustments, inclusions or other remuneration to be reported, especially for owners and shareholders

* Some companies offer direct deposit and some don’t
>> Some like the ability to transmit automatic paycheque transfers directly into your employee’s bank account

* And finally, remember – it’s your company – they should be servicing you – not the other way around.
>> If you can make their job easier, you should help them because ultimately, your fees should become less. However, always remember that this is your company – if you are not happy .. consider your alternatives


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