Video Request-Basics of Financial Planning

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A young man has questions about retirement and financial planning. Cappy not only has answers, but a class everybody should be taking: …


Honkey Dong says:

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Bio-Sexual Interface says:

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giga knotts says:

is accounting considered a trade?

SeanFromPVD says:

Here’s my basic three step advice to become wealthy.

1. Spent less than you make.
2. Invest in appreciable assets with a return above inflation.
3. Repeat steps 1&2 indefinitely. 🙂

That’s basically what Warren Buffett does. That’s all he’s done for the
last 60+ years. It works.


19:48 – 20:22
heh heh heh….

UCIBME says:

Great advice. Also check out the guaranteed return on annuities, and check
out the “smart passive income” blog on how to create web properties.

The main goal of an entrepreneur is to create a new product someone is
willing to pay for (“innovation”), and then finding other people who are
willing to pay for it (“marketing”). Check out “Traction” on Amazon for the
ways you can execute the latter. For creating a new product someone is
willing to give you money for, you have to figure it out yourself. That’s
the hard part. It’s the very essence of creative destruction.

Cody Winter says:

He says dividend yields are at like 2% and from what I see there are
companies and ETF’s with like 3-4%. Also those come in quarterly and you
should probably take into consideration the gain in the share price as
growth. Although I don’t think you could use this as income unless you have
a significant amount of money. Probably more like a retirement plan, or
maybe even just a little extra money to just have. 

Jamiel Strickland says:

Hey Cap, I am super thrilled you have these classes online to teach about
Stock, Bonds, And Investment. I saw you have another class i thinks its a
higher level one but do you only have those two classes you teach? Any
other classes through ed2go you teach? Want to know because I been a fan of
you for awhile now and would love to take as many classes possible from

ZombieCobain says:

I plan to continue my Forex and Options trading until I can be financially
independent. I will not be saddled with W2 taxes. Trading spot Forex and
futures gives you a 12% tax break as it is. I have a “home office,”
therefore any home repairs I make, and even 1 or 2 vacations per year = tax
write off. Life is great. In a few years, I can finally rid myself
of this doctor hobby. Maybe I’ll continue my hospice contract work, which
also is non-W2. My hope is that next year I can buy a car on my hospice
S-Corp account, yet another tax write off! Come on guys, let’s enterprise!

rayme4raw says:

Shaving? You live in Freeze A** Off Minnesota, shouldn’t you be trying to
grow it out? Unless it’s too cold to shower?

MAXCOBRALAZERFACE says: You better know what you are doing. Pre 2005
I could not even sell silver. It was worthless unless you had a brick. Also
selling gold or silver in coin form. Most the time you get paid for the
weight of the gold or silver not the value of the coin. In 2012 a 10oz
PAMP gold bars sold for +16,000. Today they go for +12,000. Precious
metals are in a bubble right now. As in “housing bubble.” Most new
restaurant fail. My brother in law got a partner who already owned a
restaurant & the two of them own I think 4 Mexican restaurants now. My
brother in law is fucking rich. Like buying houses, going on expensive
vacations & working on opening a brewery.

FunOfTheChase says:

I’d get genetic testing but I know it’s going to tell me one of my far back
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BKofficer23 says:

I love finance videos. I love seeing an Aaron Clarey video in my feed. And
I love that those who seek advice are kind enough to make the videos
available to all, so we can all gain the lesson. If I have a dire need for
advice I’ll pay it forward too.

BluBoulzor says:

Good old smith and wesson retirement plan.

ab5441 says:

look into tiny houses good way to save money

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