UPGRADE IS COMPLETE: I have now upgraded this blog from WordPress version 1.5.2 directly to WordPress version 2.0.5

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Update is now complete ..

I have followed my previous instructions, converting from 1.5.2. directly to 2.0.4 .. and it worked converting it directly to the latest version 2.0.5.

There was one casualty – that I overlooked.

My DEMOCRACY plugin, which was for the poll question in the sidebar – got trashed. I believe it was because it was the old version 1.2 upgraded to the latest version 2.0.1 .. I’m not bitter though, although I wish I could have taken a snapshot picture of the results to date because .. it’s lost forever now.

It was a question asking what type of accounting software people were using out there in business, SOHO, and the real world. Unfortunately, I discount its results because it was there almost 11 months and I only received something like 70 votes. But .. I appreciate all the input from voters in the past and perhaps I will resurrect a similar poll in 2007!

Other than that? Everything looks like it is working perfectly – however, if you notice anything unusual or funny looking with this blog .. please leave a comment or let me know by email …. hart (at) 1800HART (dot) com …

Take care!


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