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The Newsletter Popup

Today I have deactivated the annoying(?) popup script to collect email addresses and offering readers a way to subscribe to this blog via email .. and activated a new less annoying(?) footer slide-up script to collect email addresses and offering readers a way to subscribe to this blog via email!

Subscribing is good! Every monday you will receive a blog broadcast of all posts published in the previous week directly into your email inbox, so you don’t have to bookmark this site or frequent often to see if there are new posts or news regarding Canadian Income Tax and other information and news. Also, in the fall I will periodically be sending all subscribers new information, tutorials, and possible contests that regular readers, who are not subscribers, may not receive or know about it at all.

The footer slide-up will dissolve in about 2 minutes, so I hope it’s not too obtrusive. However, you can click on the “Don’t Show Again” link to permanently remove the popup from happening when you are at the 1800HART blog .. well, at least for 1-3 months that is! Sorry! I’m trying to collect signatures and build my newsletter list! I hope you sign up your email!

DoFollow and CommentLuv

On my birthday July 11th, 2010 I decided to make all of my sites throughout the HART-Empire Network, including this one, a DoFOLLOW Blog with CommentLuv. This means, that when you comment on this blog, you will get some juice, and be able to leave your last post from your blog! However – please be warned – It will be completely up to me to delete spammy looking type of comments with no rhyme or reason. Also be warned, that I have a tight moderation rules set-up and I rarely check those comments in moderation. If you do happen to leave a valid comment, and I either accidentally delete it or my moderation rules prevents it from publishing, feel free to use my Contact Page and shoot me a note about it.



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