Update On My Official Slowdown Notice

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* It still continues..

When I posted my Slowdown Notice before going to sleep late Friday night, Saturday morning (April 21st) .. I had 87 items in my ToDo list. If anybody is interested, this is where I stand at this very moment, Friday morning April 27th…

I have, according to my Easy Task Manager ToDo list .. 42 “ToDo” projects in total. One project could be an associated group of companies, or a family of 6 tax returns to do. Here is the breakdown of those 42 items:

* 67 T1 Personal Tax Returns of which 61 have to be completed and filed by midnight Monday April 30th (the rest are self-employed due June 15th and clients will not be paying in full before April 30th)
* 12 T2 Corporation Tax Returns of which 4 of them are late anyway but, I will finish 8 of them by April 30th (in conjunction with the owners T1). If there’s time, 1 other one.
* 9 monthly accounting jobs, for 4 clients, needed for GST calculations Q1 (Jan-Mar/2007) although, 3 won’t be done until after the year end is complete, and I will be doing a quick ‘tape job estimate’ for that calculation. Except for one which takes about 9 hours, and another that takes about 6 hours, I just realized that I need another day for this .. Hmmm
* My laundry basin taps in my basement is leaking and I keep forgetting to call a plumber to stop the leaking. I have to co-ordinate with the 3 other owners of our Condominium townhouse, as when I turn off the water in my condo – it shuts off in all 4! // it can wait.
* Buy a new Plasma or LCD TV! 10 years ago in 1997, when I sold my dumpy house .. I bought a 46″ Sony Projection TV KP-46S17 .. and it died last thursday April 19th. Everyday my wife is reading the internet and researching the differences and prices between HD Plasma vs HD LCD … I was hoping for a treadmill instead, but I don’t think I can get around this at the moment. // This can also wait.

There you have it. HART’s “ToDo” list .. it’s crazy! Will I make it? YES. Because I have to!

Looking at this objectively, given that it is Friday morning .. my biggest obstacle will be meeting with the clients and getting the actual completed work out the door.

I’ll redo this update again Sunday evening because I need to keep focused and see where I am at – so I can work towards my end goal – to clear my TODO list.



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