Under The Table

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Alex makes some purchases and learns a lesson.


Topazman12 says:

Politicians asking for 25% raises for every year. Working only 8 years to get a Pension. Hiring people whom made huge donations to parties. Getting meals all paid for by going to 5 star restaurant, having parties costing $100/ plate. And the taxpayers are paying for this.

Topazman12 says:

Great video. The fact is that E-Health, government parties help friends by hiring them into the Government, stuff their pockets with Money from Tax payers then stopped the project and let their friends go. Companies that contribute heavily into parties are awarded good contracts. The Big 3 got the bailout money then paid $1 million to the executives. This Government is the underground economy.

Deflatermousse says:

investigate for yourself, the way banks create money.

Jax Seib says:

Interesting opinion… Please explain more. Why do you think that?

DianeDougherty says:

Great video. Gets the point across very well. Good luck in the contest.

galderton says:

Awesome Video!!! Good job Jax.

springlyric01 says:

Great video!!! very funny!

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