Two And A Half Hours Later ..

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This morning .. like I do every morning (besides scratch, splash and flush) .. I grabbed a cup of coffee and then headed to my computer to start my day. And, like I normally do .. I check my email first thing in the morning.

Today I received 2713 Emails

I lost control of my computer this morning. Not only was I receiving a bunch of junk emails … my ‘trash’-box in my Eudora program needed to be REBUILT …. Needless to say .. everytime it tried to rebuild itself, it ended up to be NOT RESPONDING .. and I had to close the program unexpectedly.

In closing the program, like I often do to speed things up instead of waiting for “CLOSE PROGRAM NOW?” message .. I CTRL-ALT-DEL .. to get the popup window… This is what I saw:

Actually, that’s not what I saw .. but I did see that KODEWIZE program running – a program I never heard before. So .. I figure .. ut-oh .. time for another manual run of Spyware .. just in case .. The only thing was – it wouldn’t work. The spyware removal program would STOP from completing the scan. The picture above was taken after the 3rd incomplete scan. I thought it would be nice to document what I have been seeing .. (you never know when a blog entry can happen! *sigh*)

So, I wanted to learn about KodeWize and did a Google Search

That google search did not look good.

So – I immediately shut down my computer and rebooted. I then performed two more anti-spyware scans and anti-virus scans with first Adaware and then Zone-Alarm.

I then RE-performed the Spybot scan, and it came out clean.


Warning: I’m not sure what was happening this morning when my email was going wacky . If my computer sent you an email today – delete it immediately and do not open it – because I have NOT sent out ANY emails dated May 19, 2006 .. (after 6:00am CST anyway)

Anybody know what KodeWize is all about? I have no time to read up on it .. at least not today ..

Take care.

PS: For those of you in Manitoba anyway .. PST is due today, since the 20th falls on a Saturday – they move the deadline day forward to the last business day of the week (unlike the federal government who pushes the deadline back to the next business day of the week)


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