Traffic From Torrents by Michelle MacPhearson

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Here is an interesting video on YouTube ..

* YouTube Description

Generating website traffic through the use of freebies uploaded to the torrent networks.



Stasoline says:

Not useful for advanced user.

michellemacphearson says:

Not intended for the advanced user. 🙂

Stasoline says:

Next time however, do it with uTorrent, since BitComet is automatically blocked by many clients due to some cheating on its part.

eggwhitesprotein says:

Very cool Michelle… I’m going to implement this too!

michellemacphearson says:

It’s really not important. The goal is to get it seeded a few times and then let the network do the rest. If BitComet is blocked by some clients, some of the other seeders will use a client that is not. I mean, we could go into detail for weeks on this… But that wasn’t the goal of this video, nor is it really time vs. results efficient to do so.

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