Top Ten Punchlines to Dirty Accountant Jokes

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David Letterman’s Top Ten List for April 14, 2000:
Top Ten Punchlines to Dirty Accountant Jokes:

10. I didn’t notice her 1099s, but she sure had nice W-2s.
9. I’ve never seen someone deplete his reserves twice in one night.
8. Looks like Charles just got Schwab-ed.
7. Now there’s a box I’d like to check.
6. That’s not what I meant when I asked you to liquidate my holdings.
5. I guess she’d never seen such an impressive sustainable growth rate.
4. If I could handle my own extension, I’d never leave the house.
3. Well, would you believe me if I said I was just checking your wife for hidden assets?”
2. Hurry – it’s depreciating rapidly.”
1. I guess there is a penalty for early withdrawal.


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