ToDo List – 6 days to go!

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Well .. it might not seem like progress to some, still having 55 items in my ToDo list .. however this past week I have made some great progress (as you recall it was 67 last week and rising).

There are currently two jobs that are eating up my time though, and about 5 more that I have to find a good block of time to dedicate to the start, doing and completion of the tasks .. but other than that .. I should be ticking jobs off my list in quantities.

For a few of the non-May 1st deadlines and Year Ends, I have enlisted the aid of a part-time helper with the inputting of raw data into the computer (cheque stubs and stuff like that) .. to help speed up the future completion of any of the jobs that might be put off until May 2, 2006 – to help me turn it over sooner.

Time will tell! And, the time .. my friends … will be 11:40 pm May 1, 2006 when my last E-File run will probably take place ~:P .. On June 15th, 2006 it’s usually 11:55pm – when I E-File my own tax return hehe..

Oh – and ummm .. if any clients are reading this ..

* Yes – I got your package in the mail! But you can call me to double check if you are unsure. I hope you didn’t mail it this past week – I do not recommend Canada Post and the post office as a safe option for income taxes delivery. Please consider a courier, or an appointment to drop it off.
* Yes – I will be in touch before finalizing .. I have not forgotten you! If you probably owe money to CRA and need to withdraw from your investment account or other trading account that may take a few days .. do you need a ballpark? Chances are that yours was one of the ones I started long ago and is 80% complete ..
* If you have mailed me your payment .. I thank you! If you didn’t .. *nudge, nudge, say no more!* but, I can suuuure can use it before May 1st!
* and James .. Your taxes are due May 1st! I need some computer guru contra! (my 2nd computer is networked, but doesn’t seem to share the internet)

For my readers …

I was going to blog about some interesting Tax related topics as I encountered them – but, instead have been making a juicy list of topics to blog about in May and June … so .. erm, don’t unsubscribe from my RSS feed, MmmmmmKay?



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