Today: Phones call attempts to Canada Revenue (2 times) – Times I got through to Canada Revenue (2 times) – Felt Like An Idiot (3 times)

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I thought my luck was changing from yesterday … because I was 2 for 2 this morning phoning Canada Revenue Agency, and obtaining information that I needed to know.

Then, around 10:30am this morning .. a customer called me on my cell phone – to inform me that my LAN phone number was disconnected!

Believe it or not, I have a REASON why this happened .. however – it’s not really a valid EXCUSE – so, I will leave it at that for now.


* (Q) What’s worse than losing your business phone and a client calls you on your cell phone to let you know?

* (A) When you bundled services .. and also lose your MTS digital TV connection!

I bundle all services and receive one monthly bill now .. with DSL, business phone line and rental, and digital TV .. with all the fixin’s. My internet access didn’t go offline at all. This was fortunate for me, as I just quickly made an online payment and phoned their collection services and everything is being “reconnected”.

I called them back, and they said something like this… “Oh? You are lucky that your phone is even reconnected, because we don’t guarantee reconnection service for either phone or TV except before 10:00pm.

Aw ..C’mon! *g* thanks. Shouldn’t someone have at least try to call me to make payment arrangements? Oh well!

Meanwhile .. I felt like an idiot 3 times today

1) When my client called me to tell me my phone was disconnected
2) When I was arguing with the Payment Center that I *did~ make a payment, only to view it online to a different vendor .. and mostly when ..
3) When I informed my wife that the TV Service is down – and there is a risk that it might not be back on before Survivor Fiji tonight!! (I would have Voodoo curses on my head if we missed Survivor)

My phone was back in minutes, before noon anyway .. and the TV came back around 2pm so, no curses for me!

At least my dogs still like me!

(although, they don’t look too pleased)

I apologize for any inconveniences!

(Good thing – for me – this didn’t happen closer to April 30th!)


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