Today: Phones call attempts to Canada Revenue (110 times) – Times I got through to Canada Revenue (0 times)

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I needed information today, but I managed to call and get through at 7:55am this morning, when it was an automated phone message. It urged me to call back between the local hours of 8:15am and 5:00pm.


I had it my phone on speed dial, and was counting the number of times I reached a busy signal. It did not even put me on rotation, nor did my “phone service” options allow that asterix button to be pushed to automatically call back their number when it became free once again.

It is very annoying, and disruptive to my entire day .. because needed information to finalize a few returns that I wanted to complete in this morning, will now have to wait until tomorrow and, who knows if I will get through tomorrow!

Has anybody else been experiencing problems getting through?

I’ve got 35 minutes before 5:00pm local time so, I suppose I will sit here LIKE AN IDIOT hitting “Redial” over and over and over again .. hoping that I can speak to a real person before the automated messages are turned on!



motts says:

Truly unbelievable, i tried it for one hour.
do you have the local telephone number not the 800?
thanks and good luck

Hi Motts … I do have several local phone numbers here in Winnipeg for the business enquiries (T2, GST and EPD) .. but, for general enquiries during tax season (obtaining tax information, instalments, etc) I prefer to go through the 1-800 number as anybody can provide me the info accross Canada

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