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I ran out of 7-column pad paper today, so I figured I would head over to Polo Park Shopping Center and visit the Grand & Toy store and buy some. While I was at the shopping center, I walked a few stores down into the M.T.S. Phone Center. Currently, Manitoba Telephone Telephone system is my major phone supplier.

Before I go on .. a little background…

I use M.T.S. for my home phone and rent a business phone with all the added bonus features, call display, call answer, call forward, and a speakerphone (It’s the phone model 390 – see a picture of my phone in a previous article).

I also use M.T.S. for our internet connection, that being D.S.L.

And my wife uses M.T.S. as her Cell phone company.

In all, I believe we get a $10.00 per month discount for using all of the above. The cell phone was originally my first cell phone, which the last four numbers is identical to the last four numbers on our home phone number. When my wife lost her cell phone, I gave her mine .. so I can upgrade to a better one! The only thing was, that M.T.S. did not have another available number that had the last four numbers equal to our home phone number.

So, I went to Telus Mobility and got a cell phone from them with a phone number that has the last four numbers identical to both our home phone number and my wife’s cell phone number.

People seem to remember my phone number .. after I give them both my home and cell phone number .. and they see they are all practically the same number

Sounds good, eh? Well … I couldn’t say it more that I hate Telus. They do not have a presence in Manitoba, and are basically riding the curtain tails of other cell phone providers (M.T.S.). For me, my button doesn’t work for editing new phone numbers. So I took my phone down to the local Telus store one afternoon, and they wouldn’t fix it for less than $200.00. I signed up with a 2-year contract, that expires in December 2005.

The connection is not good on my Telus phone. I can’t tell you how UNCLEAR my calls have been, how annoying it has been to be disconnected in buildings where my clients exist, and extremely embarrased I am at my clients that may have an office in the basement of their house or building, because I can’t get any calls – in or out. Since January 2004, I have been counting the days until July 23, 2005 . This was the cut-off point that Telus claimed they would consider to renegotiate my contract. I also figured this would be a good point in time, that if I was unable to renegotiate, I would just eat the cost and move to another carrier.

In mid-July 2005, Rogers had some deals offering the Blackberry modules, with a cheap voice and data plan. After talking to some vendors here in Winnipeg, while the difference was not significant, it was my understanding that … Rogers and their cell phones uses the OLD technology, but is much better for places like Europe and people who work outdoors in the prairies of Canada. M.T.S. and their cell phones uses the NEW technology, which may not work that well in Europe, but works everytime in buildings and basements. I really don’t know the jargon and don’t know it that is true or not – that is just what I have been convinced to ‘think’ that I know.

So, I went to my M.T.S. store in the last week and picked out my phone that I want … PalmOne Treo 600. M.T.S. plans are expensive however. They have separate plans for voice and separate plans for data and email. I work at home – I don’t need email. Just the voice and personal data organizer features. I was about to sign up at the $349 for a 2-Year contract, when the salemen suggested that if I plan on keeping the phone long-term .. if I waited until August, the phone would be $49 with a 3-Year contract requirement.

So .. back to my story …. I am at the Grand & Toy store in the shopping center and walk next door to the M.T.S. store. It’s empty, and I go on INTENT on walking out of there with a new phone. But – nobody told me about the small print. Apparently, the “deal” of $49 down, and 3-Year term is accompanied by a MINIMUM $75.00 combined data and/or voice plan for 3-Years.

Oh well .. I guess I wait until my Telus contract runs out and wait until X-Mas before I do anything

So I went back over to Grand & Toy wanting to buy a few 7-Column Pad Papers and this is what I bought…

Super Sticky Post-It Notes, Pad Paper, Labels, Clean Edge Business Cards, Staples, Pens, Felt Pens, Paper Clips, Liquid Paper Dryline Eraser Grips, “Posted” rubber stamp, and IBICO plastic combs.

And what about the 7-Column pads? They didn’t have any! All they had were the 8-Column Pads of paper … oh well .. so I only purchased 2 pads for now to hold me over..

Price? $150.00 But – I didn’t get a new phone or sign up for a new contract .. so I really **** “saved” **** money today!

Take care.


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