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Well .. Monday, May 1, 2006 was the deadline here in Canada for most individuals to file their income return, and myself well – my last E-File was sent at 11:56pm.

Here’s how my TO-DO list now stands ..

* Personal Tax (2) – I have two clients that I did not file on time, but both are getting refunds and have issues or missing data.

* Late Filing (4) – These are four clients (6 people) who have elected not to file on time because of issues .. marital breakups, missing receipts, expected refunds, or spouse is self-employed and wants to wait until June 2006

* Year Ends (10) – Ugh.. I could say that between these ten year ends there is about 100 hours work there, but I think I am underestimating that … This is my focus during May 2006 and it will be nice to just set down and work on one job at a time.

* Monthly Accounting (7) – these are 2006 monthlies of 3 companies, currently waiting until I finish their year end

* Statistics Canada (1) – Grrr! They are needy with the Hotel Industry and payroll information lately – due May 10th

* T1-Adj’s (2) – My last E-File before Deadline had a balance due so, I wanted to get it in on time to avoid late filing penalties. There was just too many receipts, childcare, dental care, eye care – and then at the last minute found out they forgot to obtain annual prescription totals. I removed these credits and will adjust later. The other is a TX19 Clearance certificate have to do .. I also have two more in progress, just waiting for Notice of Assessment (not listed in here)

* Compliance (3) – There’s actually nothing there – but standard 15th EPD/P, 20th PST, and 31st GST reminders for May with comment/notes which clients to do.

My T1 Count 2005

* It seemed like more, but apparently I only E-filed 81 returns, and paper filed 3 Final returns and 3 returns that clients just wanted to paper file at the last minute, at the post office for snail mail. I also seem to have 23 T1’s left to do that are self-employed (including myself) due June 15th, 2006.

So What Does This All Mean?

Well .. better cash flow for May and June 2006 hopefully 🙂 and I should have more time available to spend on the blogs I have charged myself with, and perhaps get something going with the HART-Empire Network over the next few months .. Although – while the adrenalin is up I will be in high gear trying to get these Corporate accounts out the front door by the 15th of May.

Did you miss me? Apparently – looking around my blogs, my readership has definately declined. Hopefully, I can attract some back .. I have some great new ideas to develop over the summer!

Take care.


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