Time To Take Out The Trash

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It was December 2, 2007 since I’ve emptied the “trash” folder in my Eudora program. I remember vividly, because I blogged about it to remind me!

Since then – 148 days later .. it would seem that I have averaged 129,199/148 =~ 873 spam trashy emails per day. That’s interesting to me, because everytime I check to see how many emails I received in any given day it is well over 1,100 count. That would seem to me that my filter is routing a lot of other garbage all over the place, or I ignore or there really is about 200 emails per day of sitemeter statistics, wordpress messages, spam karma 2 messages, moderation notices and comment tracking. I think I really deal with 50-100 emails a day that I see that requires my attention or a reply back.

[Insert Image Here]

I took a screen image showing 129,199 emails in my Trash Bin .. then I deleted my trash. I think I might have deleted the picture before saving it – but, it really did say 129,199 … honest! I’ll have to get that screen image next time 🙂


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