Time to Abolish The IRS!

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Monday pressed for eliminating the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) amid the scandal over the agency’s targeting of conservative pol…


renejreeves says:

We should be taxed on what we consume!

TheQuasiiii says:

The problem with Ted is he is another tea party idiot, when he slanders our President he loses all credibility. We have learned in the near past that all accusations against this great President have proven to be false. The stupid party is still trying their same old tired tactics of blaming Obama without a thread of proof for what they themselves do that is unconstitutional, and happened under GW Bush with Republitard support. Ted simply has no dignity or moral compass Grow up Ted

Luis Ewing says:

I can help you beat your . . . INCOME TAX EVASION CHARGES . . . and I can help you . . . BEAT WILLFUL FAILURE TO FILE INCOME TAX RETURN CHARGES!

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zangetsudx1 says:

The Income Tax is VOLUNTARY. You don’t have to pay the Income Tax!


Agreed! I truly fear for the future of this country.

RenaissanceSeeker2 says:

Read my free book. You won’t be disappointed.

youtube. com/watch?v=n663eVTSyS8

Viperman740 says:

They have a commercial running in CNN with Ted Cruz saying we should abolish the IRS and they have a 1-800 number to call to sign a petition. Anybody else seeing this commercial on CNN?

marumito says:


condrea28 says:

ted cruz cut volume is too low to hear him speak.

MuchTooLearnUSH says:

I cannot help you then…

RenaissanceSeeker2 says:

And it doesn’t mean all of them are not! I have proven my case in the book, with the 900 plus internal links. What have you done except biting the hand that feeds you and the public valuable information.

MuchTooLearnUSH says:

Please give up this trolling, for it is satan, and the fallen, and the surviving spirits from the Nephilim, along with their human familiars (pets) that are destroying this world, not as you ‘see’ it…just because some so called Jews are their ‘pets’, does not mean all of them are…

str8schemin says:

fuckin money changers aka jews!!!

John Roman says:

No not the end of the world but of an age such as a world Rule by satan who btw is the god of this world [ 2 Corinthians 4:4 ].
It is also the end of the Age of Grace in the which Salvation[Eternal Life] is made Available on A Gift Basic upon a persons Obedience to [ Romans 10:9 ] this present Cosmos will be around for at least another 1000 years plus.

salis48 says:

He has so dramatic super voice .. Its realy sound very well .

DoneRightProductions says:

There is a distinct volume issue here…

RenaissanceSeeker2 says:

The Zionists are deliberately destroying all Western countries, as they have secretly declared WAR upon us!
They conspired to take control of our nation’s infrastructure through carefully orchestrated acts of TREASON! They became our Bankers, Politicians & media owners. Their goal is to obliterate the middle class!
For a FREE informative colorfully illustrated 132 pg eBOOK & 2 min vid on the Zionist engineered INTENTIONAL destruction of Western civilization go to
youtube. com/watch?v=n663eVTSyS8

tooskoops says:

The main aim of the Serpent Cult agents that operate in our establishments is not only to create war and death but also to get you and I to worship the forces that actually create war and death. It is simply a vicious rebirth type circle in which you feed, and unknowingly worship, entities that are actually creating your misery in the first place.

The real war is the war on your consciousness, the war on your mind. It’s multi tiered and spread out in all areas of life.

tooskoops says:

Ninety nine percent of all the test subjects accepted the program. What was the solution? The illusion of choice.  The Hegelian dialectic; do you want republicans or do you want democrats? Do you want liberal or conservative? Coke or Pepsi? That illusion of free choice is what gets people, even though it’s a false choice, a false paradigm, it’s what gets people to accept the program of the matrix.

tooskoops says:

The first four months of the year the average middle class American works for nothing. All of that money is given to the state. January, February, March and April are all given to the state through various forms of taxation. Then you’re taxed on what you buy as well. The average citizen, one third of their earnings are given over in taxation. And the average citizens actually still think that they are free people.

tooskoops says:

Taxation is one of the clearest forms of indentured servitude. If you’re saying to someone, for whatever reason, you must give me, this much of what you make, and I will determine how much of that you will give me. You’re saying your labor is not your own. It does not belong to you. That your physical body, that you use to put your labor into effect in the physical world does not belong to you and that it is owned by someone who can tell you what you will and will not do with your earnings.

Peter4101 says:

Obama is a socialist after all. I’m a utopist. I believe resources controled by the people are the latter rather than the monotary systems run by governments. In truth when things turn into anarcy, the people will ALWAYS try to collect as many resources as possible just to survive. So why not organize it to the point were people will be able to get them no matter what happends? Either they will destroy them selfs quicker or be forced to work together.

lightcaesar says:

Even with a flat tax you still need an agency to put a gun to your head to collect the tax. You still need an IRS, maybe just under a different name.
Cruz is a naïve idiot.
Abolish the IRS? Hah! Abolish the US!

westchesterny says:

And that’s why Jesus said to give Rome what it’s (worldly) due was: “Caesar caesar’s due.” Just pay the romans what they want, which is worldly money, and otherwise live a different life that has to do with God. Charity was not a matter of the state, as is suggested by the speaker here, not in the constitutional u.s., just btw.

westchesterny says:

LOL @ the americans should still take a “credit” for their christian charity, LOL. The founders (and those who supported them) wanted SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE, which means americans wouldn’t work 3 jobs to pay taxes to support the lifestyles of people from other ways of life (other religions), and their charity would their THEIR OWN BUSINESS, not a tax write off from statists. Lord.

random69ism says:

Nothing happens to Obama because if you disagree with him or call him out for breaking the law then he or someone in the admin will call you a racist.

HISvoiceindreams says:

ABOLISH THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT. We the People have the ability to rebuild this country in a matter of days if the People would just pay attention to the NEED and quit WANTING. IT IS Simple if you “Let it be”. OM. For a comprehensive plan write to srilayoga@gmail.com Copies are by NEED. A one time donation IS requested.

heninger710 says:

David Knight is the man! Rock on brother, you are a great broadcaster.

constitutionfst says:

Ted nails it.

stopdemockery says:

IRS code defines “taxpayers” as employers of foreigners working in America and Americans working abroad. That’s it! We have a right to ALL the fruits of our labor. That notwithstanding, they are a private corporation: Not a branch of government. That notwithstanding, the government is a corporation masquerading as our de jure government. We haven’t had a lawful federal government since Lincoln’s administration. We live in the banksters’ matrix of lies.

stopdemockery says:

The IRS is headquartered in Puerto Rico? It’s a foreign collection agency for the IMF. All IRS proceeds go to the Crown on our fake debt. None of it improves anything in America. The fake-Jewish Zionist banksters & their fake corporate governments conspire to suck the life out of Humanity. They already legally but unlawfully own the free world. They call it free, because they stole it from us and covertly forced us to pay them for their theft. Since it cost them nothing, they see it as “free.”

babaloo42 . says:

Lots of good points but.. don’t fall for any new tax that includes wages. Wages are not income, they are an even trade for your labor and therefore cannot be considered a gain or profit. Also, if you are going to abolish the IRS, don’t stop there. Get rid of the whole Federal behemoth corporate giveaway machine. No amount of tinkering will fix it.

ACIMpsychology says:

income from working is not making a profit. It’s a straight trade.

TheeBudGuru says:

Here they go again! Assuming that I owe them something. My Wages ARE NOT subject to Income Tax! So, FUCK OFF IRS!

bluhousworker says:

I make art and now I will be making art about this

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