Things you learn on the Judge Judy T.V. Show..

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It’s not up on the website yet (at the time of writing this post), but it will probably be on the archives for the week ended 11/14/2005 … at Judge Judy’s website

No, I am not a fan … although I watch it. My wife likes to watch it on channel 135 during the hours 6:00pm to 7:00pm … which usually coincides with our dinner. It’s …. “okay” .. but, if I were to pick my favorite .. it would be Judge Marilyn Milian from The People’s Court .. Hands Down everytime!

Anyway – the episode had to do with something the 16 year old girl who stood up the 18 year old boy on his Prom Night .. just ten minutes before he was going to pick her up. It turned out that to make matters worse, she was with another boy that night and pretended to be sick. How did he know that? It was according to her ex-best friend who ratted her out and .. MSN SPACES ..

So – hence the idea of this blog entry: Things you learn on the Judge Judy T.V. Show.. (And it isn’t the Law)

MSN SPACES? What Is That?

I am not sure how long this has been there, but ever since my last MSN Messenger upgrade, the words “MSN SPACES” has appeared on my MSN Messenger window view.

So .. I clicked on it “My MSN Spaces” and I came to THIS PAGE

Apparently, when I was moving away from the BLOGSPOT server to my own domains in early July 2005 .. I created a space under my PapillonLvr nickname .. although, I suspect at the time, I probably did it just to comment on someone’s blog to promote my URL website change. Nowadays, I accept moderation in comments the first time – but there are settings in your options and plugins out there to allow you to access comments from people automatically, once they have been approved. If this doesn’t happen – I don’t bother with that site anymore. What’s the point? It can’t be to avoid spam – because – there are plugins available for that too …

Surely – it must be easier to delete the odd spam comments that come through your Spam blocker .. than to manually approve every individual comment you receive. Maybe THAT’S WHY you are doing it – you are not getting much comments … and maybe THAT’S WHY – you are not getting much comments.


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