The Underground Inc, Canada Revenue Agency Underground Economy Contest 2010

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Music Video for Canada Revenue Agency Underground Economy Contest 2010.


Topazman12 says:

Great video. The big 3 gets bailout money. Politicians stuffing their friends’ pocket with money such as E Health scandal. Asking for 25% raises. Working only 8 years to get a Pension. Hiring people who made huge donations to parties. Getting meals all paid for by going to 5 star restaurant, having parties costing $100/ plate. This Government is an UNDERGROUND economy. Corruption.

BluRidgeMountain says:

Thanks for your comment. I say that this video was made for fun. We know there are different sides to every story and its good to keep the discussion open.

Amine Zarrouk says:

Yeah but what you end up paying for GST is not coming back in your profit,
It’s going to the corrupted mayors and the so called honest people.
Look for example in Montreal, all these corrupted leaders that we hear about every single day.
what do you say to this?

Misstressable says:


palpatine2 says:

YEa tell your friends.!!

Crazedstar45 says:

It’s SO good guys!

palpatine2 says:

this is a winner

switz042 says:

Excellent video, original, and good use of the CRA website

nuthalia says:

This is awesome, so original. Best video ever.

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